Select Sires' 50th Anniversary

The Elevation of an Industry

50 Years of Select Sires Helping the Cattle Industry Reach New Heights

Our commemorative 50th anniversary book, "The Elevation of an Industry", is now available online here. It begins with our humble beginning when four cooperatives were united for a common purpose to form Select Sires. The book includes interviews with former general manager, Dick Chichester, who highlights how Select Sires shaped the future of the A.I. industry with the SMS™, SRS™ and PGA™ programs. It offers a look at high-profile dairy and beef bulls at Select Sires over the last 25 years with features by our sire department. Get a look behind the scenes with a backseat pass to our production and semen processing operations, which has helped us to become leaders in research, fertility and producing the highest quality unit of semen. The story will dive into the genomic era and how Select Sires has used the technology to introduce programs such as Aggressive Reproductive Technologies™ (ART™) and StrataGEN®. Dave Thorbahn, Select Sires' president and CEO, provides a glimpse of our past 15 years and where we are heading in the future.

This book was written by Kirk Sattazahn, director of marketing for Select Sire Power. It includes many pictures from our history, including pictures of all of the sires that are highlighted in the book.

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