Select Sires' New Graduates Offer Just What You're Looking for

PLAIN CITY, Ohio, Dec. 8, 2010 - The December 2010 genetic evaluations were recently released, and Select Sires graduated their largest class of 2010 with 14 new Holstein sires. Select Sires is proud to add these new graduates that shine with high-ranking Total Performance Index™ (TPI™), elite type, extreme production and tremendous health traits. Included in this class are Select Sires' first five sons of Braedale Goldwyn including his top TPI and type sons, the No. 1 TPI Canyon-Breeze Allegro-ET son, and a graduate sired by European genetic giant, Laudan-ET.

"At Select Sires, we're passionate about the success of our customers, and in order for our customer-owners to achieve that success, we must offer the best genetics available in the world," said Blaine Crosser, vice president of dairy sire product line and sales management for Select Sires. "The Holsteins that we chose to graduate into our active lineup represent that charge by providing sires that increase the profitability and productivity of our customer-owners."

Elite Total Performance Index Sires
Among the group of new graduates added to Select Sires' lineup are four elite TPI sires with GTPI values greater than +1977. These four sires rank among the top six bulls within Select Sires' lineup.

Joining Select Sires' active A.I. lineup are high yield reliability, prominent TPI sires 7HO9321 Ralma Gold CROWN-ET (+2012 GTPI) and 7HO9357 Bremer Allegro MAXUM-ET (+2005 GTPI). CROWN and MAXUM are DIAMOND SELECTion™ sires that uniquely combine production, type and fitness traits to create the kind of cattle that many dairy producers are looking for. Add the FeedPRO™ and HealthMark™ designations to their credentials and these two deep-pedigreed sires will fit into nearly any breeding program.

Ranking as the highest new graduate for GTPI, CROWN is the No. 1 GTPI Goldwyn son in the U.S. He transmits profitability through his elite Net Merit dollar value (+$508 NM) and positive component percents, along with improved longevity (+3.7 Productive Life, PL) and reduced calving difficulty (6% Calving Ease, CE). MAXUM offers a special sire stack as the No. 1 GTPI Allegro son out of a Very Good 7HO5708 Fustead Emory BLITZ-ET dam. He combines tremendous production (+1,139 Milk) and extreme Net Merit dollar value (+$514 NM) with strong health traits (+4.7 PL and +1.4 Daughter Pregnancy Rate, DPR) to produce profitable, long-lasting daughters.

Full brothers 7HO9020 A L H DAKOTA (+1977 GTPI) and 7HO9021 A L H DUKE (+1988 GTPI) enter the lineup with Milk spelled throughout their pedigrees. Sired by 7HO6417 O-Bee MANfred Justice-ET, they are backed by five generations of Excellent dams with the last three dams producing over 36,000 pounds of milk. These FeedPRO sires produce moderate-sized daughters with correct feet and legs, high Productive Life and solid components. At +1,400 Milk, A L H DAKOTA leads the pair, while DIAMOND SELECTion sire A L H DUKE ranks right behind with +1,126 Milk. A L H DAKOTA was sampled in the Netherlands and Belgium, and A L H DUKE was sampled in Germany.

Goldwyn Sires Four Type Specialists
Entering the lineup as the highest Udder Composite (UDC) bull at Select Sires (+3.28 UDC) and second highest for Type (+3.40) is 7HO9420 Fustead Goldwyn GUTHRIE-ET (EX-92). GUTHRIE is the breed's highest Goldwyn son for Type and Udder Composite. With a GTPI of +1956, great fitness traits and low calving difficulty (7% CE), this HealthMark sire makes profitable daughters with incredible udders. Following directly behind GUTHRIE is 7HO9264 Lirr Drew DEMPSEY (VG-86), who hails from the Program for Genetic Advancement Canada™ (PGAC™). He debuts as the No. 7 Lifetime Profit Index sire in Canada (+2430 GLPI). DEMPSEY will improve Type (+3.14) across the board (+2.00 UDC and +2.08 Feet and Leg Composite, FLC). Both DIAMOND SELECTion sires GUTHRIE and DEMPSEY boast a flawless linear and will be in demand by any breeder emphasizing type.

7HO9265 Lirr Marie GOLDEN-ET (VG-87) (+2.67 Type) and 7HO9346 Luck-E Goldwyn AUTOPILOT-ET (+2.62 Type) each transmit pleasing type patterns. Both sires consistently build tall, stylish cows with excellent dairy character, great mobility and shallow, snug udders with high, wide rear attachments. GOLDEN provides solid milk production and is labeled with the DIAMOND SELECTion and Superior Settler™ designations. AUTOPILOT provides reliable udder improvement (+2.12 UDC) demonstrated by his 68 classified daughters.

Big-League Milk Shottle Sons
Select Sires graduated three big-league milk Picston Shottle-ET sons that are backed by powerful pedigrees. 7HO9229 Plushanski FARSANO-ET enters Active A.I. as the No. 2 sire at Select Sires for Milk (+1,862 M). With a near perfect pedigree and linear, DIAMOND SELECTion sire FARSANO will be a customer satisfaction sire. He makes offspring that will impress breeders with excellent Type (+2.55) that includes four Type composites over +2.00 at high reliability (90% Rel.).

7HO9356 Roz-Acres Shotl LIFT-OFF-ET (EX-90) (+1,472 M) and 7HO9133 Lake-Effect PS CAMMO-ET (VG-88) (+1,374 M) are Shottle sons that will produce daughters to fill the bulk tank. Marked with the DIAMOND SELECTion seal, LIFT-OFF (+1878 GTPI) displays solid components, favorable Productive Life (+2.3) and is backed by three generations of 35,000 pounds of milk dams. LIFT-OFF reveals superior semen quality earning the Superior Settler designation. gender SELECTed™ sire CAMMO is backed by an Excellent (93-GMD-DOM) dam with over 40,000 pounds of milk. CAMMO balances solid Type (+2.11 Type, +1.52 UDC and +2.06 FLC) with his high production.

Well Balanced, All-Around Sires
Rounding out the Shottle sons are 7HO9270 Gold-N-Oaks REAL-DEAL-ET (EX-91) (+1858 GTPI) and 7HO9281 Badger BIGSHOT-ET (VG-88) (+1820 GTPI). Just like their names imply, both sires are sure to make a mark in your breeding program. These HealthMark sires exhibit pleasing milk production, favorable health traits and calving ease. As a DIAMOND SELECTion sire, REAL-DEAL enters the lineup with nice overall type and favorable components. BIGSHOT will improve pregnancy rates with a Sire Conception Rate (SCR) of +2.4.

7HO9063 Meier-Meadows Laud MARIO-ET offers low calving difficulty with a unique sire stack. The Laudan son is out of an Excellent (90) 7HO5157 Regancrest Elton DURHAM dam. MARIO generates daughters with fantastic udders (+2.49 UDC) with superior Productive Life (+3.4)

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc., is North America's largest A.I. organization and is comprised of 10 farmer-owned and -controlled cooperatives. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying dairy and beef producers with North America's best genetics at a reasonable price.

Source: 12/10 USDA Genomic Evaluation, USDA/HA Genomic Type Evaluation and Interbull; M=USA/IB-Mace. 12/10 Rel: CROWN NM$ 82%, PL 73%, CE 92%; MAXUM Yield 91%, NM$ 83%, PL 75%, DPR 73%; A L H DAKOTA Yield 87%; A L H DUKE Yield 87%; GUTHRIE Type 82%, CE 82%; DEMPSEY Type 84%; GOLDEN Type 84%; AUTOPILOT Type 88%; FARSANO Yield 92%, Type 90%; LIFT-OFF Yield 90%, PL 74%; CAMMO Yield 90%, Type 84%; BIGSHOT SCR 94%; MARIO Type 89%, PL 75%.

™Total Performance Index and TPI are trademarks of Holstein Association USA; DIAMOND SELECTion, FeedPRO, HealthMark, Program of Genetic Advancement Canada, PGAC, Superior Settler and gender SELECTed are trademarks of Select Sires Inc.