StrataGEN Receives Dairy Herd Management Top 10 Innovation Award

PLAIN CITY, Ohio, October 2, 2012 - The unique, sequential breeding system, StrataGEN™, has been recognized by Dairy Herd Management as one of the Top 10 innovative products of the year in an award ceremony at World Dairy Expo. An industry panel of dairy producers, agribusiness professionals and university experts narrowed the field of nearly 40 finalists to recognize the Top 10.

Introduced in April 2012, StrataGEN uses highly reliable genomic inbreeding data to differentiate bulls in the Select Sires lineup, both proven and genomic young sires, into one of five distinct genetic lines. These color-coded lines simplify the implementation of StrataGEN into any breeding program. After consulting with a Select Sires StrataGEN specialist, each herd's genetic base is identified, and a three- to five-line rotation is developed based on long-term herd goals and the current inbreeding level of the herd.

Inbreeding has only accelerated in recent years and has a huge impact on the profitability of dairy herds. Research has indicated1 that for each 1 percent inbreeding increase in a herd, performance is impacted by:

  • -24 Lifetime Net Merit $ (NM$)

  • +.36 days of age at first calving

  • -13 days Productive Life (PL)

  • -790 pounds lifetime milk production

  • -25 pounds lifetime protein production

  • +.26 month first calving interval

StrataGEN is the first program of its kind to combat inbreeding by combining technologies to be used in a straightforward way that allows each herd to develop their own protocol. By using StrataGEN for multiple generations dairy producers will minimize inbreeding and optimize their herds' genetic potential.

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc. is North America's largest A.I. organization and is comprised of nine farmer-owned and -controlled cooperatives. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying dairy and beef producers with North Americ'’s best genetics at a reasonable price.

1Cassell. B.G.; Effect of inbreeding on cow performance and mate selection in dairy cows; Proceedings of the Western Dairy Management Conference; 1999. ™StrataGEN is a trademark brand developed and owned by Select Sires Inc.