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WOOLOVER Calf Covers and Ultra Calf Covers

Keep Your Calves Warm and Dry with WOOLOVER® Calf Covers

Protect the future of your dairy by keeping your newborn calves warm and dry, even when it's cold, wet and windy outside. WOOLOVER Calf Covers help get calves off to a warm, dry, healthy start during winter weather.

  • Use nutrients and energy for improved growth rates
  • Fight illness and prevent scours
  • Recover from sickness more quickly
  • Retain natural body heat

WOOLOVERS are Easy to Use

Simply slip the cover over the calf's head, guide the front legs through the leg holes and the rear legs through the stretchy straps, then fasten the Velcro® stomach strips. Because WOOLOVER Calf Covers are stitched shut at the front, calves' chest - heart and lung areas - are protected against chills, dampness and drafts. WOOLOVER Calf Covers can be used for three to six weeks after a calf is born.

Proven Performance

Research trials conducted at North Dakota State University demonstrated that significant performance gains can be achieved by calves wearing WOOLOVER Calf Covers. Dairy calves gained an extra 14 pounds during the 65-day trial as compared to the non-blanketed control calves. The study also showed that WOOLOVER Calf Covers are of most benefit during the first three weeks of life to calves living outside or in hutches.


The WOOLOVER Ultra offers the same inner shell made of wool, but with a high performance, water-proof outer shell made of Emphatex®. This durable outer shell adds strength to the WOOLOVER Ultra, which means the calf cover keeps its shape better and lasts even longer. And, the WOOLOVER Ultra is easy to keep clean. Mud, manure and bedding don't easily stick to the smooth surface of the Emphatex outer shell, so you can easily brush off any dirt or debris. Like the original WOOLOVER Calf Cover, the WOOLOVER Ultra can also be machine washed in the gentle cycle and then air-dried.

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