Udder Care Products

UDDERgold 5-Star

Superior Barrier Post-Dip

With UDDERgold® 5-Star, you get:

  • Improved efficacy of the barrier film, due to a combination of germicidal actives, improves environmental mastitis protection
  • UDDERgold 5-Star controls broad spectrum of bacteria, including Mycoplasma species, viruses and other pathogens
  • UDDERgold 5-Star retains its color better after mixing, so dairy producers will know they are getting the coverage they need
  • An increased level of glycerin and additional emollient polymers helps moisturize teats for improved skin health

The results - unsurpassed protection against both contagious and environmental mastitis.

Advanced barrier film gives better germicidal activity

Killing power of the dried barrier film shows a major improvement for UDDERgold 5-Star.

UDDERgold 5-Star represents a major advancement in barrier film technology with a significant improvement in its germicidal properties. It now has an advanced, superior germicidal system to kill mastitis-causing organisms, especially those from the environment-all without losing the ability to seal teat ends between milkings.

Alcide's ASC germicidal system is very powerful yet selective

UDDERgold 5-Star showed a significant reduction in new infections compared to the negative control.

  • It kills a broad spectrum of mastitis-causing microorganisms quickly by oxidative attack. Bacteria-including mycobacterium-fungi and viruses have all been shown to be susceptible to Alcide's ASC chemistry.
  • It is selective in what it attacks, so it is unaffected by the presence of an organic load, such as milk.

Protection against new infections

  • One University test* reported a 96 percent reduction (P,0.01) in new S. aureus infections compared to a negative control when their herd experienced a natural outbreak of S. aureus

Improved color retention

  • UDDERgold 5-Star retains its color long after mixing, so you'll know you're getting the coverage you need
  • Unlike other teat dips, colorants used in UDDERgold 5-Star have been FDA approved

UDDERgold 5-Star (left) vs. UDDERgold Plus (right) 6 hours after mixing

  • Replenishes the cows's natural defense
  • Tested in accordance with NMC protocols
  • Environmentally safe

  • UDDERgold 5-Star retains its color long after mixing

    Tough on bacteria, easy on teat skin

    • An increased level of glycerin and additional emollient polymers helps moisturize teats and improves skin health
    • Improved skin conditioning is confirmed by clinical testing and field use in a wide range of climatic conditions

    UDDERgold 5-Star compared to a high emollient, non-barrier teat dip in the winter of 2002.**

    UDDERgold 5-Star gives you the proven performance of UDDERgold Plus-and much, much more. For best results, use with 4XLA® pre- and post-dip or PRE-GOLD® pre-dip.

    UDDERgold 5-Star has been tested under NMC-recommended protocols at both Washington State and Louisiana State Universities.

    *Data from Washington State University
    **Data from Iowa State University

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