Udder Care Products


The Ultimate - For Udder Health

Keep your cows udders in mint condition with UDDERMINT®, the best udder conditioning product on the market. The principal ingredient is Pure Japanese Peppermint Oil - refined, an all-natural product. It's so concentrated and fast acting that you'll notice results within 12 to 24 hours after rubbing it on; yet so mild that it is safe and worry free. Hundreds of U.S. dairy producers are already using this elite product and are extremely satisfied.

Time-Tested and Trusted!

For over a decade, dairy produces have trusted UDDERMINT to help soothe the udder. UDDERMINT is especially effective before and after calving. Massage about 10 cc onto troubled quarters for 30 seconds two to three times each day - or after each milking or stripping out. Continue for two to four days. UDDERMINT is absorbed quickly - leaving no greasy layer - and goes to work soothing the udder.

The trusted, soothing power of UDDERMINT is available in two convenient sizes.

  • 500 mL tube that can be easily carried while milking
  • 2.5 Liter jug with a no-drip dispenser, which can be mounted in the parlor for easy access

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