Breeding to Feeding

Industry Connected, Market Tested: The Wulf Cattle Experience

The Wulf family of Morris, Minn., has a 30-year history raising Limousin genetics and buying back Limousin feeder calves. Through their experience, they have found that the muscle and feed efficiency of Wulf Limousin genetics adds value in a terminal cross.

In addition to their 1,000-head registered Limousin cow herd, Wulf Cattle feeds out 50,000 head of Limousin-influenced cattle annually. Wulf Cattle has found it important to follow their calves through the chain − from a continued commitment to buy back cattle from long-term customers to following calves to the packer and collecting carcass data. The data is used to improve their Limousin herd, feedlot operation and the end product.

In 2010, Wulf Cattle was approached by Riverview Dairy about incorporating Wulf Limousin genetics into the dairy's Jersey herd. Riverview Dairy's goal was to enhance Jersey bull calf value − adding muscle without sacrificing calving ease. Riverview Dairy was and continues to be the test herd for Breeding to FeedingSM. The dairy's heifers and top milk cows are bred to dairy sexed semen, and the less profitable cows are bred to Limousin semen. The first Limousin x Jersey feeder calves were harvested in June 2012 with high enthusiasm from meat processors.

"For Jersey operations, creating value with bull calves is a challenge. The Breeding to Feeding program provides an opportunity to combine Jersey sex-sorted semen use with the added-value of beef production to maximize profit. Riverview Dairy operations have been utilizing this model for over four years and seeing success."

-Mitch Fehr, farm operations manager, Riverview Dairy LLP

SMBreeding to Feeding is a servicemark of Wulf Cattle.