Breeding to Feeding

Breeding to Feeding Advantages

Add value to dairy bull calves
With the Breeding to FeedingSM buy-back program, dairies are assured a consistent market and premium price for Limousin-sired calves from Jersey, Holstein or crossbred dairy cows. Wulf Cattle is committed to partner with dairies for the long-term to produce a quality meat product.

Create a better herd
Dairy herd genetics, performance and profits will increase with a planned strategy to create future replacements from genetically-superior heifers and cows, while breeding lower-end, less profitable cows to Wulf Limousin semen. Select Sires consultants have extensive experience in building a variety of breeding strategies to maximize genetic and reproductive results.

Real-world conception and calving ease
In an analysis of the annual conception rate (CR) by semen type at Riverview Dairy, Wulf Limousin semen averaged a 49 percent CR on Jersey cows. This compares to the 43 percent CR with dairy sexed semen. Calving ease data has also been calculated at Riverview Dairy; more than 2,600 Limousin-Jersey calves have been born averaging 79.6 pounds at birth with 98.8 percent unassisted births.

Improve feed conversion, pounds red meat and dressing percent
The Limousin cross adds muscle and feed efficiency to the high marbling from Jerseys and Holsteins. The Limousin breed also leads the industry for feed efficiency, meaning less feed cost for pounds gained. Furthermore, Limousin genetics increase yield grades and ribeye areas over straight dairy carcasses, increasing payback at market. Of the seven most common beef breeds in the U.S., Limousin ranks No. 1 in dressing percent.*

"Over a half century of brand building for Wulf Cattle has been an exciting journey. Innovating new ideas that are win-wins for us and others in the food chain has always been the catalyst that propels us further. Breeding Limousin to dairy cows is a home-run! It maximizes returns for the dairyman, while helping supply the beef industry with high quality beef."

-Jerry Wulf, president, Wulf Cattle

SMBreeding to Feeding is a servicemark of Wulf Cattle.
*As tested at Meat Animal Research Center, Clay Center, Neb., Germplasm Evaluation Progress Report No. 22