Breeding to Feeding

How it Works

  1. Together with a Select Sires sales consultant, develop a breeding strategy that includes Wulf Limousin semen produced and processed in Select Sires' facilities and held to the highest quality standards.

  2. Select Sires delivers the Wulf Limousin semen and the designated dairy cows are inseminated with Wulf Limousin semen hand-picked specifically for use in dairy herds. All chosen bulls are homozygous black and homozygous polled with superior genetics to produce efficient feeder calves yielding a valuable carcass.

  3. Calves are born on the dairy where newborn care is key to calf performance and vigor. The calf care protocol is pretty simple; treat them like your replacement heifers.

  4. Through a convenient, routine system Wulf-sired calves are transported to participating calf ranches in the region. To qualify for the buy-back portion of the Breeding to Feeding program, your farm must be located in a buy-back region.

  5. The resulting crossbred bull and heifer calves are purchased by Wulf Cattle. The dairy receives a premium based on current Holstein bull calf market prices.

The end result is added income for the dairy and consistent, quality Limousin-influenced feeder calves to move into the meat supply. In the Breeding to FeedingSM program, it's the cooperative effort and genetics proven for feed efficiency and growth that add value for the dairy producer.

SMBreeding to Feeding is a servicemark of Wulf Cattle.