Polled Sires Available from Select Sires

Listed below are polled sires that are available through your member co-op. Ask your sales representative about the availability of these polled sires in your area.


7HO10266 Forest-Lawn PLATTE-P-RED-ET
  100% RHA-NA DMS: 234123
  S: Aggravation LAWN BOY P-RED
  D: Forest-Lawn Talent 780-ET (VG-86)
    2-1 365d 30,738M 3.7% 1155F 3.0% 933P
  MGS: Ladino Park Talent-IMP-ET
  MGD: Forest-Lawn Princess (EX-90)
    7-5 305d 47,900M 4.5% 2154F 2.8% 1324P
7HO10547 Ri-Val-Re SHOTZY-P-RED-ET USA 66281890
  100%RHA-NA PO TV TL TD aAa 423 DMS 126
  S: Aggravation LAWN BOY P-RED (EX-93-GM)
  D: Ri-Val-Re Shtle Julianna-ET (VG -87-DOM)
    2-1 365d 31,220M 4.2% 1,296F 3.1% 965P
  MGS: Picston Shottle-ET (GM)
  MGD: Ri-Val-Re Max Selsy-ET (VG-87)
    5-3 325d 25,460M 3.5% 892F 2.9% 743P
7HO10827 Nor-Bert LIBERTY-P-ET DEU 769144963
  100%RHA-NA RC PO
  S: Aggravation LAWN BOY P-RED (EX-93-GM)
  D: Nor-Bert Morty Callie-ET (VG-88-EX-MS-GMD-DOM)
    2-2 365d 42,350M 4.3% 1,804F 2.8% 1,180P
  MGS: Stouder Morty-ET (GM)
  MGD: Nordic-Haven Mto Calico-ET (VG-88-GMD-DOM)
    2-3 365d 52,970M 4.0% 2,132F 3.3% 1,725P
7HO10832 Md-Valleyvue LB CODIE-P-ET
  100% RHA-NA RC PO
  S: Aggravation LAWN BOY P-RED (EX-93-GM)
  D: Md-Valleyvue Gw Christen-ET (VG-86)
    2-1 3X 305d 24,930M 3.6% 893F 2.9% 732P
  MGS: Braedale Goldwyn (GM)
  MGD: Md-Valleyvue Chris-Red-ET (EX-90-DOM)
    2-2 365d 35,600 3.8% 1,335F 3.0% 1,055P
7HO10904 Sandy-Valley COLT P-RED-TW
  100% RHA-NA aAa: 243 DMS: 234,246
  S: Aggravation LAWN BOY P-RED (EX-93-GM)
  D: Sandy-Valley-W B Crystal-ET (VG-88)
    2-1 365d 36,350M 2.8% 1,005F 3.1% 1,133P
  MGS: Sandy-Valley Bolton-ET (EX-90-GM)
  MGD: Ralma S Storm CF Crimson-ET (VG-87)
    2-6 312d 29,540M 3.5% 1,021F 3.1% 928P
7HO10932 Vision-Glen Lawnboy LARRY USA 6631850
  100% RHA-NA RC PO TV TL TD DMS: 345,135
  S: Aggravation LAWN BOY P-RED (EX-93-GM)
  D: Cranehill Lou Lauralee-ET (VG-86)
    2-3 305d 24,460M 3.4% 830P 3.1% 751P
  MGS: Jenny-LOU Marshalll P149-ET (VG-88)
  MGD: Miss Durham Lauren-ET (EX-91-EX-MS)
    3-8 365d 29,630M 4.0% 1,196F 3.0% 888P
7HO11217 Hickorymea PARKER P-ET USA 140909627
  100% RHA-NA TR PO TV TL TD aAa: 135 DMS: 135
  S: Schillview Garrett-ET (GM)
  D: Hickorymea Goldwyn Ought-P (VG-86)
    2-1 365d 26,180M 4.5% 1,174F 3.2% 846P
  MGS: Braedale Goldwyn (GP-84-GM)
  MGD: Hickorymea Para Ozone-P-ET (VG-88-EX-MS)
    3-5 365d 28,480M 3.9% 1,103F 3.0% 844P
Red-and-White Holstein
7HO11163 Tiger-Lily LADD P-RED-ET USA 69405976
  100% RHA-NA PO TV TL TD DMS: 246
  S: Scientific Destry-ET
  D: Tiger-Lily Lawnboy Lulu-Red (VG-87)
    2-1 365d 24,750 4.4% 1,084F 3.5% 857P
  MGS: Aggravation LAWN BOY P-RED(EX-93-GM)
  MGD: Kings-Ransom Sept Lima-ET (EX-91)
    5-1 365d 39,260M 4.8% 1,893P 302% 1,242F
7JE860 Maack Dairy ECLIPES-P-ET USA 114845461
  aAa: 513
  S: Forest Glen Avery Action-ET
  D: Millstream Henery Etta Belle-P
    2-1 305d 19,920M 5.0%F 996F 3.5%P 689P
  MGS: D&E Henery-P
  MGD: Yellow Rose Felina Belle-ET
    5-1 292d 17,010M 6.5%F 1,111F 4.1%P 692P

7JE944 Forest Glen Kirks JACEY-P USA 067048840
  aAa: 126
  S: Forest Glen Hallmark Kirk-P-ET
  D: Forest Glen Meccas Jacey-ET EX-91
    4-8 305d 30,640M 4.2% 1,282F 3.3% 1017P
  MGS: Susnset Canyon Mecca-ET
  MGD: Forest Glen Jades Jasmine-ET EX-91
    3-8 305d 23,790M 4.0%F 946F 3.5%P 823P

7JE953 Fairway Mygent DALLAS-PP USA115181885 - Homozygous Polled
  DMS 135
  S: Den-Kel Paramount Mygent-P-ET
  D: Fairway Kody Dalli-P EX-90
    1-10 293d 16,680M 4.6% 769F 3.7% 614P
  MGS: D&E Avery Kody
  MGD: Adonis Dally Of Ash-Go-P EX-91
    7-0 305d 20,490M 4.2% 854F 3.4% 701P

7JE1044 Schultz Jevon CHILI-P
  aAa: 162
  DMS: 561,126
  S: Forest Glen Meccas jevon-ET
  D: Schultz Mygent Chilli-P
    1-11 305d 17,520M 4.7% 827F 3.5% 620P
  MGS: Den-Kel Paramount Mygent-P-ET
  MGD: Schultz Hallmark Chill
    5-1 305d 23,240M 4.0% 934F 3.4% 784P
7JE1133 Dutch Hollow MOTIVATION-PP USA 67284227
  aAa: DMS: 135
  S: D&Maack Dairy Eclipes-P-ET
  D: Dutch Hollow Zik Medly-P (EX-90%)
    3-10 305d 3x 23,320M 4.4% 1036F 3.5% 807P
  MGD: Dutch Hollow Balance Medea-P-ET
    6-0 305d 25,190M 4.6% 1148F 3.4% 846P