The Select Sires genetics team is proud to offer NxGEN® members these exclusive sires.

Code Number Full Name Date Enrolled Last Calf Birth Date
7HO14250 PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET August 1, 2019 Ongoing
7HO14364 SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ET April 1, 2019 Ongoing
7HO14792 PLAIN-KNOLL SI MAGNITUDE-ET October 1, 2019 Ongoing
7HO14859 RMD-DOTTERER SSI MAXIMUS-ET December 3, 2019 Ongoing
*7HO14904 HORSENS SSI SOLUTION LON-ET March 1, 2020 Ongoing
*14HO14906 BERRYRIDGE SSI SOL CHASE-ET March 1, 2020 Ongoing
250HO14134 S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET April 1, 2019 Ongoing

* indicates new sires

Additional NxGEN sires will be released in the future as outstanding quality sires are developed through our sire development programs. NxGEN members will receive an email announcing upcoming releases as sires are selected for the program.

®NxGEN is a registered trademark of Select Sires Inc.