Federation Unification



Building for the Future



Select Sires’ farmer boards of directors are excited to unite our cooperative. We know that you might have questions and we are here to guide you through this process. Be assured that you will not experience any changes in service or quality of products. You will continue to work with your local team of trusted advisors to enhance the genetic and reproductive success of your operation. 



Key Points
The following summarizes the board-led unification initiative.

Cooperative Commitment


Select Sires Inc. was founded on cooperative principles and will remain a farmer-owned organization. With deep roots in American agriculture, the cooperative will continue to be led by a board of locally elected directors. Unification of the cooperatives is a board-led initiative that exemplifies Select Sires’ dedication to exceptional service and advancement of the dairy and beef industries.


Unification Benefits


By uniting our federation, Select Sires will create even greater value and enhance efficiencies while providing our farmer-owners extended access to a broader, more diverse team of experts. In addition to customer success, unification will afford more opportunities for employees, including advanced training, professional development and upward mobility. 


Advancing Technologies


Combining resources will yield cost sharing benefits and allow for greater investment in research and development. Innovations in research and development will elevate Select Sires’ contributions to the dairy and beef industries and ensure a sustainable future for our farmer-owners, the cooperative and its employees.




Farmer-Owned and farmer-led

The decision to unify is going to be a pivotal force for Select Sires. We have had a tremendous history of success, but we can’t lean on our laurels. We must move forward, look to the future and make changes to secure our position as the industry leader.

Dorothy Harms
Chairman, Select Sires Inc. Board of Directors


Cooperative Governance





 Frequently Asked Questions

What started this process?
In 2016, the Select Sires Inc. board of directors met at Purdue University to engage in a strategic planning session. Following this meeting, the board began investigating ways to make the federation of cooperatives stronger, increase its value to customer-owners and establish a sustainable future. In the last four years, the board of directors has taken actions to achieve these goals. The merger with Accelerated Genetics was the result of this strategic planning initiative and led to full ownership of World Wide Sires, as well as growth in genetic power. The unification proposal is the next step in this strategic plan and reflects the best interest of Select Sires’ customer-owners while ensuring a sustainable future for the cooperative and its employees.
What are the advantages of unifying the cooperatives?

By uniting our federation, we are investing in our future. Through increased efficiencies and cost sharing benefits, we can expand our investment in research and development.

Benefits to customer-owners include:

  • Access to a broader, more diverse team of experts
  • Increased efficiencies will ensure long-term sustainability for the cooperative
  • Valuable investment in research and development translates to innovative solutions and tools for dairy and beef producers
What processes are happening to facilitate a smooth transition?

The managers of each organization are currently working closely to develop plans and processes to successfully execute the transition. 

I’ve heard not all the member cooperatives are in favor of the unification. What are their reasons?

While we can’t speak for them, it is important to remember that we are a federation of farmer-owned cooperatives and this decision was made by their board. This plan allows Premier Select Sires to continue as a Cooperative Member of the unified Select Sires and provides their members with access to genetics.

We can tell you they will not be able to take advantage of some of the same benefits as those members joining the unified cooperative, including board representation and input on the cooperative’s direction. The Select Sires boards are preparing for the future to ensure long-term financial strength of the cooperative and opportunities for employees. Just like farmers are analyzing where dollars are spent on their farms, we are increasing efficiencies while generating more valuable service to our farmer-owners. This makes good business sense.

I have operations in multiple states and one of the areas did not join the unified Select Sires. Will I be able to buy direct?

You will continue to work with your sales and service personnel that represent the territory in which each of your operations are located. The facility located in the territory that did not join the unified Select Sires will continue to be served by the Cooperative Member representing that area. 

Will this change who I work with?
No, since sales and service areas do not overlap, there will be no change in service professional territories. You will continue to work with representatives and service professionals from your local Select Sires division. Unification of the cooperatives will yield great benefits for you, including extended access to resources and expertise worldwide. 
Will DHI and genomic testing services be available?

As a unified cooperative, DHI and labs will operate as a subsidiary of the unified Select Sires. With the new structure, CentralStar’s DHI and lab services will continue to operate as is and in the same location. Services will be available to existing customers of CentralStar and will provide the same valuable information that customers rely on.

Genomic testing services will also be available and service providers will be determined by each division.

What happens to local control?
Select Sires will remain a grassroots, farmer-owned and farmer-led cooperative. In the new governance model, there will be a representative assembly, which will be made up of your current, local member boards. Those members will represent the division in your current cooperative geography. In the future, members of the representative assembly will be elected by member-owners in their respective divisions throughout the U.S., maintaining a grassroots cooperative. Committees will be developed to monitor local service to mirror the current cooperative territories. The representative assembly will elect a board of directors, which is like the Select Sires Inc. board today.
Is the unified cooperative still farmer-owned and farmer-led?
Yes. Select Sires Inc. was founded on cooperative principles and will remain a farmer-owned and farmer-led organization. The current member boards of farmer directors will become the representative assembly. The representative assembly will meet at least four times per year, with at least one meeting to be held in-person, to discuss cooperative matters and provide guidance for the board of directors. The board of directors will meet four times per year in-person and provide direction for the cooperative. 
What will the membership structure look like in the new cooperative?
The new Select Sires cooperative will be a patron-based membership. All current membership from the member cooperatives will roll over to the new cooperative. To become a member and maintain membership, customer-owners must do at least $500 in semen-related business with the cooperative on an annual basis. Membership rights include election voting privileges, influence in cooperative matters and earned patronage dividends as outlined in the bylaws.  
What is the goal of this unification?
The goal is to unify cooperative forces, creating even greater value for farmer-owners and employees through increased efficiencies. Unification will conserve cooperative resources and allow Select Sires to invest those savings into research and development to ensure a successful future. These goals can be accomplished while maintaining the same exceptional service to our customer-owners. 
When will this happen? What is the timeline for execution?

Select Sires Inc. and member cooperative boards voted in support of unification. The decision must now be ratified by member-delegates and member-owners. If unification is approved, it is estimated that Select Sires will transition to a unified cooperative by July 2022.

What are the Research and Development needs for the future?
Future needs include embryo transfer services to reduce the cost of sire development as well as biopsy and genotyping embryos to increase the rate of genetic progress while reducing costs. A genomics lab is needed to reduce program expense and provide genomic service to our farmer-owners. Select Sires has collected and has access to data, but we must have scientists to develop management solutions and expand investment in next generation technologies of sexed semen.
Will the member cooperative not joining the unified Select Sires have access to the same genetics and programs they do now?
Yes. They will still have access to the same genetics and programs they do now. At the time of unification, their cooperative will become a Cooperative Member of the unified Select Sires Cooperative Inc. Their cooperative can exclusively purchase from Select Sires Cooperative Inc. and will have access to Select Sires genetics and programs. The cooperative’s membership will need to support the investment in research and development through the price they pay for programs and services. Their cooperative will need to drive their savings independently. Their farmers will only be a member of their cooperative and not of the unified Select Sires Cooperative Inc.   
My member cooperative did not join the unified Select Sires. Will my costs increase?
We don’t know the answer to this because prices in that territory will be set by the member cooperative not joining. When the board of directors voted to unify, their intention was to reduce duplicated costs and to increase internal efficiencies. Those savings will be invested in research and development to benefit you and your operations. Unification was a board-led initiative to assure Select Sires can continue as a sustainable, industry leader. We pride ourselves on following our cooperative principles and remaining farmer-owned and farmer-led.
How will unification impact customer-owners with herds in multiple member territories?
Customer-owners with operations located in several states will be able to work with a single entity within the new Select Sires cooperative. This unification will elevate the customer experience and optimize service for these dairies while simplifying business relations.
Where will I get my bill from?

On day one of unification, there will be no immediate changes to invoicing operations. Future improvement of billing systems will create efficiencies and generate additional value for customer-owners, the cooperative and its employees. Changes will be communicated effectively, and adjustments will be seamless for customer-owners.

Who will lead the decision making in the new unified cooperative?

The representative assembly and board of directors will provide direction for the unified cooperative. The board of directors will hire and oversee management to execute plans and achieve desired outcomes. 

Will I lose my patronage?
No. All the patronage that is due will be transferred to the new Select Sires cooperative and paid by the new Select Sires cooperative. Additionally, customer-owners of the new Select Sires cooperative will continue to earn patronage when declared by the board of directors from the new organization.  

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  • 7HO58 Elevation



    On August 30, 1965, 7HO58 ELEVATION (EX-96-GM) was born. A 2014 report by Holstein Association USA concluded that ELEVATION still had more genes present in the Holstein breed than any other sire. 

  • Three managers of the first Select Sires cooperatives. (left to right) Wilbur Goeke, NIBCO, Dick Kellogg, COBA and Marshall Carpenter, KABA


    Formation of Select Sires Inc.

    On October 12, 1965 Central Ohio Breeding Association (COBA), Kentucky Artificial Breeding Association (KABA), Northern Illinois Breeding Cooperative (NIBCO) and Southern Illinois Breeding Association (SIBA) signed the Charter of Incorporation for Select Sires Inc. The first board of directors consisted of eight customer-owners.

  • new semen straws and old ampules


    Straw Packaging for Semen

    In 1972 a transition from ampules to straws was implemented. As of September 1, 2019, more than 427 million conventional ½ cc straws have been produced by Select Sires Inc.

  • Ron Long with evaluators at the first SMS conference


    Select Mating Service® (SMS®)

    Seeing a growing concern for good functional type of high-producing cows, Select Sires began putting an emphasis on herd consultation and type evaluation. As a result, three part-time evaluators mated 5,800 cows in the first year of Select Mating Service (SMS). 

  • BOVA as a newborn calf


    First Embryo Transfer Calf Born in The U.S.

    On March 12, 1974 7HO572 Rockalli Son of BOVA was born. BOVA was the first calf born from embryo transfer in the U.S., he became a highly-proven sire at Select Sires.

  • 1974

    Program for Genetic AdvancementTM (PGATM)

    Select Sires established its young sire sampling program officially named Program for Genetic Advancement. It was, and continues to be, a truly national sampling program.  


  • 1980

    Select Embryos

    On May 13, 1980, Select Embryos, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary, was formed for the purpose of embryo transfers and research.


  • 1983


    On March 18, 1983 7JE254 BERRETTA was born. He held the top spot for JPITM for 13 consecutive sire summaries.

  • 1995

    ACTION is born

    7JE590 ACTION was born on June 2, 1995. He held the ranking as No. 1 Jersey sire for sales at Select Sires until 7JE1038 VALENTINO surpassed him in April of 2010.

  • 2000

    Select Sires' Canadian Acquisition

    In March 2000 Select Sires purchased its primary distributor in eastern Canada, TransCanada, Inc., and formed Select Sires Canada, Inc. In 2014, Select Sires Canada and GenerVations merged to form Select Sires GenerVations.


  • 2000

    Sire Power Acquisition

    On July 1, 2000 Select Sires Inc. acquired Sire Power land, bulls and production assets and began semen production at the facilities in Tunkhannock, Pa.

  • 2001

    World Wide Sires Purchase

    Select Sires purchased half of World Wide Sires which markets Select Sires semen in Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania. In 2017, Select Sires obtained full ownership of World Wide Sires upon merging with Accelerated Genetics.


  • 2002

    Program for Fertility AdvancementTM (PFATM)

    The Program for Fertility Advancement (PFA) was developed to facilitate Select Sires' research efforts. With cooperator herds across the country, Select Sires can test new semen processing techniques and extenders. As a direct result of PFA research, Select Sires introduced a new semen extender in 2003. 

  • 2005

    gender SELECTed Semen Revolutionizes the Industry

    After extensive research and achieving 90 percent heifer calves, gender SELECTED semen was introduced to Select Sires' customer-owners.

  • 2005

    Select Reproductive Solutions® (SRS®)

    SRS was established to provide reproductive troubleshooting and consulting. In 2018, over 1.5 million cows were reproductively evaluated through the Select Repro Analysis program. There are now more than 80 SRS consultants around the world.

  • 2009

    Aggressive Reproductive Technologies™ (ART™)

    The ART program was created to develop Holsteins that are genetically unique compared to those found in the general population. Top-managed herds provide excellent proving grounds for elite bull dams of these superior young sires. 7HO11314 MOGUL (EX-93-GM) was the first ART bull to hold No.1 GTPI® spot among daughter proven sires.

  • 2009

    Genomic Selection Introduced

    In 1992, Select Sires Inc. began sending semen to the USDA repository for the future development of what is known today as genomic selection. This single genetic tool has revolutionized the breeding industry and decreased the bovine generation interval.

  • 2011

    Select Sires do Brasil established

    In January 2011, Select Sires do Brasil was created with the purchase of former Select Sires Brazilian distributorship, Semeia. In 2018, Accelerated Genetics do Brasil was also acquired by Select Sires Inc.


  • 2012

    StrataGEN® Program Created

    StrataGEN is introduced as a unique, sequential breeding system. It helps dairy producers achieve individual breeding goals while also minimizing inbreeding.

  • 2014

    Select Sires purchases GenerVations

    Select Sires Canada, All West/Select Sires Canada and former GenerVations personnel merged and now serve Canada from coast to coast as Select Sires GenerVations.

  • 2017

    Join Forces with Accelerated Genetics

    Accelerated Genetics and Select Sires Inc. joined forces.

  • 2019

    Select Sires Argentina

    Reproductores S.R.L. Argentina Acquisition - became Select Sires Argentina