Anderson Appointed Reproductive Business Manager For Minnesota Select Sires

St. Cloud, Minnesota; September 23, 2010 — Minnesota Select Sires has announced the appointment of Casey Anderson, to the key leadership position of Reproductive Business Manager overseeing all reproductive products, programs and services provided by cooperative.

Anderson's time will be dedicated to helping improve the herd reproductive performance for the customer/owners of the cooperative. Chris Sigurdson, General Manager of Minnesota Select Sires comments, "Successfully meeting this essential objective will come in various forms. It begins with a commitment to continuously develop our team and recruit and train the best individuals possible." Excellence in providing professional services has long been a priority for the company and is an area experiencing a great deal of growth. Anderson comments, "Our team's goal is to create profit for our customers by helping their reproduction operate at a high level. Reducing days in milk and days open yields profits. That's where we need to be focused."

The service specialist team under Casey's guidance will take accountability for reproductive performance, depending on each client's goals. And while synchronization systems can yield great results, that certainly isn't the sole focus of what we are trying to get done as good heat detection is a relevant today as ever. In addition, he'll be working with the reproductive team to analyze performance and execute team decisions for improvement. At the same time, as Select Sires begins introducing their activity based estrous detection system called Select Detect, it will be Anderson's responsibility to provide support and training to users of this new technology through his highly trained team.

Anderson's strong background in the dairy production business with intense focus in reproduction, along with leadership and an exceptional customer service track record makes him an excellent choice to lead this function of the company. "I couldn't be more pleased than having Casey elevate his impact on our organization through this position. He's a standout in his commitment to customers and has a passion to achieve results for them . . . second to none. He'll expect nothing less of our entire team, concludes Sigurdson.

Based in St. Cloud, MN; Minnesota Select Sires Inc., is part of North America's largest A.I. organization which is comprised of 10 farmer-owned and -controlled cooperatives. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying dairy and beef producers in Minnesota and North Dakota with North America's best genetics tailored for individual production systems at a reasonable price.