Select Sires' High-Components Lineup Shines

PLAIN CITY, Ohio, January 26, 2010 — Upon release of the January 2010 genetic evaluations, Select Sires graduates three exciting new sires into the high-components breeds lineup. In addition, Select's elite lineup of all high-components breeds continues to shine with breed leaders.

A Spectacular Jersey Graduate
7JE821 Maack Dairy SPECTACULAR-ET debuts on Select Sires lineup as a high component and udder specialist. He carries positive component percents (+.08%P and +.15%F) and a Jersey Udder Index™ (JUI™) of +4.73. An ISDK Q Impuls son from a Very Good-87% ISDK Fyn Lemvig, SPECTACULAR is an exceptional outcross. With a genomic estimate of future inbreeding (GFI) of 3.7, he will gain the respect of the profit-minded dairyman who demands a tremendous uddered and balanced cow. SPECTACULAR ranks as the No. 1 Impuls son for JUI and as the No. 2 Impuls son for type. As a Herdlife Builder™, he transmits traits that improve longevity (+2.9 Productive Life) and his daughters exhibit an excellent balance of stature, dairyness and strength.

More Jersey Highlights
7JE714 Sunset Canyon MATINEE-ET continues to make profitable and healthy daughters. He is the breed-leader for Fat (+100) and Net Merit value (NM$) at +$516. MATINEE lands sixth in the breed for Jersey Performance Index™ (GJPI™) at +196 and is among the top three for Cheese Merit Dollar and Fluid Merit Dollar values (+$533CM and +$506FM). This HealthMark™ sire specializes in fitness traits with +3.1 Productive Life (PL). As a FeedPRO™ sire, MATINEE sires daughters that will have the built-in ability to produce more income with less feed. His maternal brother, 7JE620 Sunset Canyon MAXIMUS-ET, is also a components improver and is the No. 1 sire for component percents (+.57%F and +.18%P) and No. 2 for Fat (+85). Both have high Sire Conception Rates (SCR) (+5.1 and +4.5 respectively) and high-quality semen that earn them the Superior Settler™ designation.

7JE590 Forest Glen Avery ACTION-ET leads the breed with his superior Type (+2.0) and tremendous JUI (+6.21). This type and udder improver is also a HealthMark sire and Superior Settler and boasts a Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) of +1.3. Additional type specialist (+1.6) 7JE1000 Richies Jace TBONE A364 is a standout to improve the bottom line while improving Percent Fat (+.21%) and Percent Protein (+.10%). TBONE has earned a Superior Settler designation based on his highly-fertile semen and is available in gender SELECTed™ to produce more heifers.

New Brown Swiss Graduate
Selects' new release, 7BS800 Blessing Prestige AARON is the first proven son of 7BS752 Sun-Made Garbro PRESTIGE ET(M). Supported by a sensational cow family, his great-grandam is Blessing Prophet Ashton *TW "3E91" Elite and is backed by six generations that produced over 30,000 pounds of milk. AARON will sire a profitable cow (+677 Milk) with a strong mammary system, dairy strength and ideal leg set.

Brown Swiss Breed Leaders
Showcase Selections™ sire 7BS779 Brothers Three PARKER ET ranks second in the breed for Type at +0.9. He produces daughters with lovely udders (+0.88 UDC). Component specialist 7BS766 Blessing Banker AGENDA ET is a calving-ease sire. This gender SELECTed sire ranks No. 1 in the breed for Percent Fat (+0.15%) and No. 4 for Percent Protein (+.06). He makes long-lasting cows (+3.5 PL) that can handle any environment (+1.86 FLC) as well as those show-winning heifers.

Select Adds New Ayrshire Graduate
7AY84 Palmyra Tri-Star BURDETTE-ET, a son of 9AY75 TRI-STAR joins the lineup at Select Sires. BURDETTE ranks second at Select for PTI at +179 and improves milk and components (+796 Milk, +18 Fat and +27 Protein). The latest sire of show winning heifers is out of Palmyra Reno Bethany (EX-90). He has an Excellent-90-Elite full-sister and a second full-sister appraised Very Good-89-Elite, along with two Excellent maternal sisters.

Select's Guernseys and Milking Shorthorns Lead Their Breeds
Maternal brothers, 7GU395 Sniders Option AARON-ET and 7GU398 Sniders Ronalds ALSTAR, anchor Select's strong Guernsey lineup. AARON ranks No. 1 for PTI (+175 PTI-M). He transmits solid production (+771 Milk) and high Percent Fat (.12%) with exceptional type (+1.2). ALSTAR is No. 2 for PTI (+169 PTI) and is No. 1 in the breed for Net Merit Dollar value (+$530), Cheese Merit Dollar value (+$502) and Milk (+1,151). With a Daughter Pregnancy Rate of +2.0, his daughters breed back and last in the herd lactation after lactation (+5.5 PL). AARON and ALSTAR are both FeedPRO sires.

Ranking second in the Milking Shorthorn breed for PPR is 7MS343 Gold Mine Frost KOURT at +71. This profitable sire with limited semen available is ranked No. 2 in the breed for Net Merit Dollar and Cheese Merit Dollar values (+$302NM and +$334CM). Additionally, he is the No. 1 Milking Shorthorn for Productive Life (+5.0) and Daughter Pregnancy Rate (+1.8).

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc., is North America's largest A.I. organization and is comprised of 10 farmer-owned and -controlled cooperatives. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying dairy and beef producers with North America's best genetics at a reasonable price.

Source: 01/10 USDA Genomic Evaluation, USDA/AJCA/BSCBA Genomic Type Evaluation, USDA/AGA/ABA/AMSS Type and Production Evaluation and Interbull.
01/10 Rel: SPECTACULAR USDA 83%, USDA/AJCA 74%, PL 60%; MATINEE USDA 97%, NM$ 89%, USDA/AJCA 95%, SCR 95%; MAXIMUS USDA/IB 99%, SCR 96%; ACTION USDA/AJCA 99%, DPR 96%, TBONE USDA/AJCA 98%, USDA 94%; AARON USDA 81%; PARKER USDA/BSCBA 89%; AGENDA USDA/IB 95%, PL 75%, USDA/BSCBA 90%; BURDETTE USDA 64%; AARON IB-M/USA 90%, IB-M/USA Type 85%; ALSTAR NM$ 70%, USDA 83%, DPR 52%, PL 60%; KOURT NM$ 83%, PL 73%, DPR 72%.