ACTION Becomes No. 1 Lifetime Sales Jersey Sire at Select Sires

PLAIN CITY, Ohio, May 18, 2010 — Select Sires is pleased to announce that customer-satisfaction sire 7JE590 Forest Glen Avery ACTION-ET has become the No. 1 lifetime sales Jersey sire at Select Sires. ACTION has produced and sold nearly 362,000 units of semen through April 30, 2010, surpassing his maternal grandsire, Jersey legend 7JE254 Mason Boomer Sooner BERRETTA, by more than 1,000 units of semen.

"Through this tremendous feat, ACTION cemented his legacy as a prominent Jersey sire," said Herby Lutz, dairy sire analyst for Select Sires. "ACTION provides customer appeal and satisfaction through his offspring's tremendous type and strong udder qualities. Throughout the world, dairy producers have been relying on ACTION to sire show-winning cattle as well as superior commercial milk cows that provide the profitability desired for long term financial success."

ACTION Becomes No. 1 Lifetime Sales Jersey Sire at Select SiresJeff Ziegler, genomics program manager for Select Sires, worked closely with ACTION's breeder, Dan and Judy Bansen, Forest Glen Jerseys, Dayton, Ore., to develop this elite sire.

"I was always fond of the maternal family line that traces behind ACTION," noted Ziegler. "ACTION's dam, Wolf River Berretta Addie-ET (E-90%), was a strong, big, wide-bodied BERRETTA daughter with a superior udder. Addie was the type of cow that made herself known each time I visited Forest Glen Jerseys, as she was always the first cow in the barn and first animal to the feed bunk. She was the perfect example of the trouble-free cow that took care of herself, yet she stood out among the rest of the herd and the remainder of the BERRETTA daughters on the farm."

"Her Very Good dam was one of the best Bold Venture daughters that I had ever seen," commented Ziegler. Following her pedigree back further is great-grandam Greenridge FW Chief Althea-ET (E-92%), the second place winner of the 2000 Jersey Journal Great Cow Contest.

In August 2004, the Bancrest Lester Avery son, ACTION, entered the active lineup at Select Sires, ranking among the leading sires for Type. Nearly six years later, ACTION continues to rank among the top for Type and has become a legendary Jersey sire with customer satisfaction. This is evident through his April 2010 sire evaluation, where he is recorded to have 7,039 daughters in 1,005 herds.

He is ranked No. 2 for Jersey Udder Index™ (JUI™) (+5.07 JUI) and No. 3 for Type (+1.9 Type) among all active Jersey sires. This type and udder improver is a HealthMark™ sire with a Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) of +1.4, Productive Life (PL) of +3.3, and Somatic Cell Score (SCS) of 2.85. He also classifies as a Superior Settler™ for his high conception ranking (+3.3 Sire Conception Rate).

ACTION has one son on Select Sires' active lineup, April 2010 graduate 7JE860 Maack Dairy ECLIPES-P-ET. He is combining high components (+.03%P, +28 Protein, +.11%F and +48 Fat), strong health traits (+2.9 PL and 2.85 SCS), elite Type (+1.8) and the polled gene to produce a profitable cow that dairy producers desire. ECLIPES-P debuted among the top 10 Jersey sires for Jersey Performance Index™ (GJPI™) at +154 and is the breed's highest JPI-ranking polled bull. ECLIPES-P produces daughters with tremendous rear udders and has a remarkable JUI of +5.26, ranking him No. 1 in the breed for JUI, just ahead of his sire.

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Source: 04/10 USDA Genomic Evaluation and USDA/AJCA Genomic Type Evaluation. 04/10 Rel.: ACTION USDA/AJCA 99%, DPR 97%, PL 96%, SCS 99%, SCR 99%; ECLIPES-P USDA 80%, PL 57%, SCS 64%, USDA/AJCA 67%.
™HealthMark and Superior Settler are trademarks of Select Sires Inc. Jersey Udder Index, JUI, Jersey Performance Index, and JPI are trademarks of the American Jersey Cattle Association.