Select Sires Releases 11 First-Class New Graduates

PLAIN CITY, Ohio, April 7, 2011 - Upon the release of April 2011 genetic evaluations, Select Sires graduates 11 new Holstein sires. Select Sires is pleased to add these new bulls that include the No. 1 Milk sire in the breed, two elite Net Merit dollar value (NM$) sires, and seven bulls with a PTAT higher than +2.00. The new graduates complement the existing lineup at Select Sires with enhanced profitability, elite Type, prominent Total Performance IndexSM (TPISM) and tremendous health traits.

"These 11 new graduates follow the Select Sires tradition of meeting our customer-owners' needs," said Blaine Crosser, vice president of dairy sire product line and sales management for Select Sires. "This new class of graduates includes balanced, diverse genetics and outstanding breed leaders."

No. 1 Holstein Sire for Milk
7HO9441 Stouder JAYVEN-ET (EX-92) is the industry's new No. 1 Holstein sire for Milk at +2,794. Backed by two Very Good (88) dams with multiple records over 30,000 pounds of milk, JAYVEN is Select Sires' first Veazland Marion-ET son and offers solid components with +51 pounds of Fat and Protein. JAYVEN adds functional type to his offspring and will sire daughters with excellent dairy strength and improve rear udder height and width. He earns the Superior Settler™ designation with semen of the highest quality and is an ideal choice for the approaching summer heat stress.

Elite Type Graduates
7HO9456 Ralma Goldwyn COACH-ET (EX-92) debuts as Select Sires' highest graduate for Type at +2.61 PTAT. A graduate of the Program for Genetic Advancement Canada™ (PGAC™), he is among the top 10 type sires at Select Sires and is over +1.90 for all composites. COACH is a full brother to December 2010 graduate and GTPI leader 7HO9321 Ralma Gold CROWN-ET (+2024 GTPI). Following in his brother's footsteps of elite genetics, COACH enters the lineup with a GTPI of +1899. His superior health traits (+3.5 Productive Life, PL and +1.2 Daughter Pregnancy Rate, DPR) qualify him as a HealthMark™ sire. Earning the DIAMOND SELECTion™ logo, he combines production, type and fitness traits to create the kind of cattle that many dairy producers desire.

DIAMOND SELECTion sire 7HO9393 Penn-England EZEKIEL-ET (VG-88) follows closely behind COACH with a PTAT of +2.59. He displays an impressive linear improving stature while adding dairy form, enhancing mobility and offering tremendous feet and legs. EZEKIEL ranks third in Select Sires' lineup for Udder Composite with an exceptional UDC of +2.85. EZEKIEL ranks among the top 100 Holstein TPI sires at +1950 GTPI and exhibits strong fitness traits (+2.4 PL, +0.8 DPR and 2.79 Somatic Cell Score, SCS). Add the HealthMark, Herdlife BuilderTM, Superior Settler and Calving Ease designations to EZEKIEL's credentials and he will fit into nearly any breeding program.

Highly Profitable FeedPRO Sires
Elite Net Merit dollar value, high GTPI and FeedPRO® sires 7HO9565 Beyercrest Ramos RYE-ET (VG-85) and 7HO9230 Winding-Brook JOCK Mason-ET (VG-88) add more diversity to the Select Sires' lineup. Like other FeedPRO sires, RYE's and JOCK's genetic credentials fit the FeedPRO index that predicts greater income over feed costs. In addition, both sires qualify for the Calving Ease designation, making them an excellent choice for your heifer pens, and as HealthMark sires they offer a balance in health and fertility traits.

Elite graduate RYE ranks among the top 12 sires at Select Sires for GTPI at +1953. He has great potential to sire profitable daughters with a Net Merit dollar value of +$574 NM. Hailing from a high fat testing family, RYE transmits outstanding fat test at +.19% Fat and +71 Fat. In addition, RYE has an elite Cheese Merit dollar value at +$620 CM that will provide profit for cheese markets. As a HealthMark sire, RYE transmits longevity (+3.5 PL), good daughter fertility (+1.0 DPR) and low Somatic Cell Score (2.51 SCS) to his offspring.

JOCK is the leading new graduate at Select Sires for Net Merit dollar value at +$588 NM and ranks second among Select Sires' lineup for Net Merit. This Herdlife Builder produces daughters that are built to last with superior longevity (+6.3 PL), making him the leader in Select Sires' lineup for Productive Life. In addition, JOCK daughters should breed back quickly lactation after lactation with a Daughter Pregnancy Rate at +1.9 DPR. This elite GTPI sire (+1935 GTPI) sires exceptional feet and legs (+2.03 FLC) to handle any commercial dairy environment.

An Excellent Cross for 7HO7872 ADVENT-RED and 7HO8223 LAWN BOY P-RED Daughters
Red Carrier 7HO10039 Md-Valleyvue Gold CHRIS-ET*RC (EX-92) emphasizes type and fitness traits just like the rest of his family. A Braedale Goldwyn son, he hails from the legendary Roxy cow family. DIAMOND SELECTion sire CHRIS earns an impressive type score of +2.08 PTAT and is over +1.50 on all composite scores punctuated by an elite Feet and Leg Composite of +2.68. CHRIS receives the HealthMark designation for his positive health traits and carries a Sire Conception Rate of +1.3 SCR. He sires the show ring kind of cattle that are tall and stylish with excellent dairy quality and are easy moving on their feet and legs with snug fore udders, high wide rear udder attachments and deep center support. CHRIS sired the junior champion Red and White heifer at the Ohio Spring Dairy Expo in early April indicating his ability to make the fancy ones for the colored shavings.

Select Sires Graduates the Balanced Best
Goldwyn son 7HO9424 Gold-N-Oaks GONE-GOLD-ET (EX-91) displays a very nice linear, complementary component percents (+.04% Protein and +.11% Fat) and strong fitness traits, all of which earn him the DIAMOND SELECTion designation. At +1950 GTPI, GONE-GOLD carries a PTAT of +2.14 with impressive composite scores (+1.55 UDC, +1.75 FLC, +1.59 Body Composite, BC and +1.85 Dairy Composite, D) and ideal dairy strength. This HealthMark sire exhibits balanced fitness traits, giving his daughters added longevity (+3.6 PL) and low calving difficulty (7% Calving Ease, CE).

DIAMOND SELECTion sire 7HO9429 Jeffana Shottle RUEBEN-ET (VG-86) produces moderately-sized cattle that are built for the commercial breeder to fit into nearly any breeding program. His daughters display the ideal type traits (+1.97 PTAT and +1.77 FLC) to handle concrete in freestall operations and exhibit shallow, high and wide udders (+1.64 UDC) that every dairy producer will appreciate. As a HealthMark sire, RUEBEN transmits traits that will improve longevity (+2.6 PL), daughter fertility (+0.9 DPR) and Somatic Cell Score (2.59 SCS). His exceptional semen quality qualifies him as a Superior Settler.

Deep Pedigrees Back Elite Sires
7HO9443 Canyon-Breeze FBI ENERGY-ET (VG-87), a Gillette Brilea F B I-ET son, offers elite production (+1,324 Milk) along with superior conformation (+2.11 PTAT), making him a DIAMOND SELECTion sire. In addition to a solid Udder Composite of +1.46 and Feet and Leg Composite of +1.69, ENERGY carries a nice +1845 GTPI, making him a well-balanced mating for any environment. ENERGY's two closest dams exhibit high production over 40,000 pounds of milk with Excellent classification scores to complete this top of the line genetic package.

A Goldwyn son hailing from the renowned Raven family, 7HO9332 Regan-ALH G DERREN-ET (EX-90) combines Type (+2.05 PTAT) and good components (+.04% Protein and +.08% Fat). This DIAMOND SELECTion sire balances longevity and low Somatic Cell Score with his solid GTPI of +1826. DERREN's daughters will exhibit outstanding dairy strength with great mobility (+2.27 FLC) and mammary systems that excel in all traits (+1.43 UDC). His dam, A-L-H Destiny-ET (VG-87-GMD-DOM) is a full sister to December 2010 graduates 7HO9020 A L H DAKOTA (+2038 GTPI) and 7HO9021 A L H DUKE (+2007 GTPI) and out of the great brood cow, Markwell Durham Daisy-ET (EX-92-EX-MS-GMD-DOM).

7HO10516 Opsal Shottle SALOON-ET (EX-92) is a balanced sire for milk production (+838 Milk), positive components and great Type (+2.46 PTAT). SALOON is from a line of dams that have proven transmitting power. His dam and grandam are scored Excellent (92) and Excellent (93) and have records in excess of 34,000 pounds of milk. With a GTPI of +1822, SALOON offers positive health traits and the potential for high fertility as a Superior Settler. He adds dairy strength and body depth to his offspring along with strong mammary systems (+1.47 UDC).

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc., is North America's largest A.I. organization and is comprised of 10 farmer-owned and -controlled cooperatives. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying dairy and beef producers with North America's best genetics at a reasonable price.

Source: 04/11 USDA Genomic Evaluation, USDA/HA Genomic Type Evaluation and Interbull. 04/11 Rel: JAYVEN Yield 89%; COACH Type 79%, PL 71%, DPR 63% ; EZEKIEL Type 81%, PL 68%, DPR 65%, SCS 77%; RYE NM$ 82%, Yield 91%, PL 72%, DPR 69%, SCS 83%; JOCK NM$ 83%, PL 72%, DPR 72%, Type 90%; CHRIS Type 84%, SCR 96%; GONE-GOLD Yield 92%, Type 87%, PL 74%, CE 88%; RUEBEN Type 89%, PL 72%, DPR 71%, SCS 82%; ENERGY Yield 89%, Type 82%; DERREN Type 87%, Yield 93%; SALOON Yield 86%, Type 84%.

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