Select Sires Is Home to the No. 1 TPI and Type Sires and Strengthens Lineup with 15 New Graduates

PLAIN CITY, Ohio, August 11, 2011 -Select Sires' Holstein lineup is stronger than ever, featuring elite sires with diverse pedigrees. Lineup highlights include the No. 1 Total Performance IndexSM (TPISM) sire, 7HO8081 Ensenada Taboo PLANET-ET (EX-90-GM), the breed leader for Type, 7HO9165 Regancrest S BRAXTON-ET (EX-94), and the addition of 15 new Holstein graduates that offer sires for every breeder's needs.

"Select Sires is the No. 1 source in the industry for a sire for every desire," said Charlie Will, manager Holstein sire program for Select Sires. "In fact, Select Sires is home to the most elite TPI sires, breed-leading Type bulls, and many major-league profitability sires."

Breed Leaders from Select Sires
PLANET climbed to the top of the Official Top 100 TPI list with a GTPI of +2222 with 1,747 daughters in 553 herds. The epitome of second-crop success, this FeedPRO® sire continues to exhibit profitability with high volumes of milk (+2,368) and breed leading Net Merit dollar value (+726 NM$). He also leads Select Sires' lineup for components (+80 Fat and +68 Protein). PLANET builds cows with functional type (+2.18 PTAT) that last (+5.9 Productive Life, PL). He can be used in the heifer pens with his low calving difficulty (6% Calving Ease, CE) and is available with gender SELECTed™ semen.

As the No.1 sire in the breed for Type at +3.89 PTAT, BRAXTON excels in all composite scores: +2.25 Udder Composite (UDC), +2.46 Feet and Leg Composite (FLC), + 4.44 Body Composite (BD) and +3.48 Dairy Composite (D). As a Showcase Selections™ sire, he makes daughters with show-winning style, and he is available with gender SELECTed semen. In addition to his type, he increases production (+1,104 Milk) in his daughters to create complete cows, earning him the DIAMOND SELECTion™ designation.

Elite Total Performance New Graduates
Entering Active A.I. as the No. 1 Holstein for Udder Composite (+3.79 UDC) is 7HO9545 Siemers Toys HERO 9701-ET (EX-92). This elite type sire is the No. 2 sire in the breed for Type (+3.60 PTAT), and ranks among the top 20 sires of the breed on Holstein Association USA's Official Top 100 TPI list (+2073 GTPI). Earning the DIAMOND SELECTion logo, he combines production, type and fitness traits to create the kind of cattle that many dairy producers desire. HERO sires daughters that are tall with a great combination of dairyness, strength, body depth and width, great mobility (+2.53 FLC) and improves all udders traits. As a HealthMark™ sire, he offers positive fitness traits to produce profitable, long-lasting daughters. He also earns the Superior Settler™ designation with semen of the highest quality and is an ideal choice for managing summer heat stress.

7HO9501 UFM-Dubs OLEGANT-ET (EX-90), Select's first 7HO7156 Honeycrest ELEGANT-ET son, tops Select Sires' new graduates for GTPI at +2167. A Program for Genetic Advancement Canada™ (PGAC™) graduate, OLEGANT offers the complete package as a solid production sire (+1,131 Milk) with positive components, elite Net Merit dollar value (+615 NM$), strong conformation (+2.21 PTAT, +2.19 UDC and +1.72 FLC) and excels in health traits (+5.1 PL and +2.0 DPR). OLEGANT verifies his credentials with a number of designations including DIAMOND SELECTion, FeedPRO, HealthMark and Superior Settler. OLEGANT also stands out at 4% Calving Ease.

Profitability Makers
DIAMOND SELECTion and FeedPRO sires 7HO9754 Matt-Dari Sharky DAYTON-ET (EX-92), 7HO9446 Ronelee RSVP DREAMER-ET (VG-88) and 7HO9502 UFM-Dubs OMAR-ET (EX-93) will meet the needs of any breeder due to their diverse offerings. Like other FeedPRO sires, DAYTON's, DREAMER's and OMAR's genetic credentials fit the FeedPRO index that predicts a sire's ability to sire offspring that can provide greater income over feed costs.

A Jeweled-Acres Sharky-ET son, DAYTON will add profitability to any herd with an elite GTPI (+2021), volumes of milk (+1,485), high components (+76 Fat and +46 Protein) and high Net Merit dollar value (+539 NM$). He produces daughters that are built to last (+1.72 PTAT and +3.0 PL). Another unique pedigreed graduate sired by 7HO6960 Kamps-Hollow Convcd RSVP-ET is DREAMER, a maternal brother to the popular Red Carrier 7HO9107 Ronelee SS DURABLE. Ranking on Holstein Association USA's Official Top 100 TPI list (+1940 GTPI), DREAMER combines conformation (+1.73 Type) and production (+1,726 Milk) to create breeder satisfaction cows. With their unique lineage, both DAYTON and DREAMER are natural matings for Picston Shottle-ET, Braedale Goldwyn and 7HO6417 O-Bee MANfred Justice-ET bloodlines.

OMAR is a maternal brother to fellow new graduate OLEGANT and is sired by customer satisfaction sire 7HO7011 Pasen MARSH-ET. OMAR exhibits strong production (+1,501 Milk and +57 Fat), improves Net Merit dollar value (+400 NM$) and adds functional type (+1.82 PTAT). He also reduces Somatic Cell Score (+2.62 SCS) and lowers calving difficulty (6% CE).

New Showcase Selections Graduate
Showcase Selections sire 7HO9552 Scientific DEBONAIR-RED-ETS (EX-91) is tailor-made to cross with 7HO7872 KHW Kite ADVENT-RED-ET to create the next show champions. As the leading Red sire for type (+2.94 PTAT), he displays a near perfect linear and creates daughters with frames that are made for the colored shavings, with snuggly attached udders and great rear udder height and width (+2.04 UDC) and good feet and legs (+1.58 FLC). His exceptional semen quality and high Sire Conception Rate (+3.6 SCR) qualifies him as a Superior Settler. The PGAC graduate DEBONAIR-RED now has gender SELECTed semen available, so dairy producers can create even more of his stylish daughters.

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc., is North America's largest A.I. organization and is comprised of 10 farmer-owned and -controlled cooperatives. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying dairy and beef producers with North America's best genetics at a reasonable price.

Source: 08/11 USDA Genomic Evaluation, USDA/HA Genomic Type Evaluation and Interbull. Holstein Association USA's Top 100 TPI List and Top 50 Lists with at least 75% Domestic U.S. Reliability for PTA Type and Udder Composite. 08/11 Rel: PLANET Yield 99%, NM$ 93%, Type 97%, PL 84%, CE 99%; BRAXTON Type 92%, Yield 95%; HERO Type 85%, PL 73%, DPR 70%; OLEGANT Yield 85%, NM$ 78% Type 79%, PL 74%, DPR 66%, CE 81%; DAYTON Yield 89%, NM$ 80%, Type 81%, PL 73%; DREAMER Type 87%, Yield 89%; OMAR Yield 86%, NM$ 77%, Type 83%, PL 70%, SCS 77%, CE 74%; DEBONAIR-RED Type 92%, SCR 97%.

SMTotal Performance Index and TPI are service marks of Holstein Association USA. ™gender SELECTed, Showcase Selections, DIAMOND SELECTion, HealthMark, Superior Settler, Program for Genetic Advancement Canada and PGAC are trademarks of Select Sires Inc.; ®FeedPRO is a registered trademark of Select Sires Inc.