New Graduates Fit Nicely in the Breed-Leading, High-Components Lineup at Select Sires

PLAIN CITY, Ohio, April 12, 2012 - Following the April 2012 release of genetic evaluations, Select Sires' high-components breeds lineup continues to offer a wide variety of breed leaders to help dairy producers increase the value of their herds. With the addition of three new graduates in three different breeds, the great selection of elite sires at Select Sires gets even better.

Jersey Graduate GANSTER Ranks Among Top 20 JPI Sires
With the April summaries, Select Sires posts five sires among Jersey's top 20 for GJPI™ with 236JE146 ISDK DJ ZUMA (+223 GJPI, No. 3); 236JE3 ISDK Q IMPULS (+184 GJPI, No. 8); 7JE1100 Cave Creek KANOO-ET (+172 GJPI, No. 15); new release 7JE965 Golden Meadows Abes GANSTER (+169 GJPI, No. 16); and 7JE1000 Richies Jace TBONE A364 (+161 GJPI, No. 19). Zeroing in on those whose Reliability has reached 97% or greater, IMPULS and TBONE are No. 1 and No. 2, respectively.

Exceptional type sires always have a place in the market, and Select Sires doesn't disappoint with three sires among the top 10 for PTAT. With the addition of more than 500 new daughters to his type proof and more than 1,000 to his production proof, TBONE continues to impress, siring daughters that are built to last. At +2.1 PTAT, he is Select's No. 1 type improver and No. 3 in the breed. Joining TBONE in the top 10 are December graduate 7JE962 Buttercrest SUCCESS-ET and 7JE859 Chasin-Rainbows Act RILEY-ET, each with +1.9 PTAT and tied at No. 6. Now at 90% Reliability, RILEY continues to produce the customer-satisfaction kind. He ranks No. 3 for Daughter Pregnancy Rate (+1.9) and among the top 10 for Productive Life (+5.1) and Jersey Udder Index™ (JUI™) at +5.42. With a Sire Conception Rate of +3.9, this Superior Settler™ is one to highlight as the weather heats up.

RILEY and TBONE have gender SELECTed™ semen available.

New graduate 7JE965 Golden Meadows Abes GANSTER is an Abe son out of an Excellent-90% 7JE563 Sil-Mist RMBM Buttons BRAZO-ET dam. His grandam is Buttercrest Klassic Glow-ET (VG-89%), the 9JE172 Eastglen Alf KLASSIC-ET daughter who topped the National Heifer Sale in 2002 and produced more than 32,000 pounds of milk and almost 1,600 pounds of fat. This FeedPRO® sire produces hard-working daughters with favorable production (+1,025 M, +.07% F, +60 F, +.07% P, +50 P). He ranks among the breed's leaders for protein at No. 5.

Get Your Show Whites Ready

Ranked No. 2 in the breed for Type (+1.0 PTAT), 7BS900 Blessing Tex BRAIDEN ET "E92" joins Select Sires" Brown Swiss lineup as a proven sire of show winners with the 2011 Reserve All-American winter calf, Blessing Braiden Bounty, and an All-American senior two-year-old nomination for his daughter, Blessing Braiden Barbie "VG89 E90MS". These credentials have earned a Showcase Selections™ designation for BRAIDEN. He was born to produce winners. Sired by Savage-Leigh Tex ET, a maternal brother to the popular 7BS813 Savage-Leigh TRESSEL ET, he is backed by two Excellent dams, each with over 37,000 pounds of milk. The maternal great grandsire is Mort Patrick Tom ET, who was known as an udder improver and no doubt passed these genes on to BRAIDEN, who ranks third in the breed for Udder Composite (+1.31).

Guernsey Program Continues to Excel

With the April summaries, Select Sires' Guernsey program continues to excel in all areas and offers outstanding sires for every customer's needs. Five of the most well-rounded sires of the breed top Guernsey's PTI list led by the No. 1 sire, 7GU398 Sniders Ronalds ALSTAR (+164 PTI). Alstar's name represents him well as he also is the breed's leader for Milk (+1,143), Fat (+48), Net Merit dollars (+$542), Cheese Merit dollars (+$508), Fluid Merit dollars (+$578), and Daughter Pregnancy Rate (+2.5). His daughters inspire customer satisfaction with great feet and legs (+2.20 FLC, No. 3) and superior Productive Life (+5.4, No. 3). Earning Select's FeedPRO designation, you can further expect ALSTAR's daughters to be very efficient cows that increase income over feed cost.

Rounding out the listing of top ten PTI sires from Select are 7GU405 Golden J Ronald GRUMPY (+147, No. 2), 7GU428 Golden J Skipper GARY (+108, No. 8), 7GU412 Lang Haven Decisions NATURAL (+102, No. 9), and 7GU394 Penny Lane Royal Oak TURLEY (+96, No. 10).

In addition to sharing the PTI spotlight with his maternal brother, GRUMPY, December graduate GARY combines superior milk production (+925 M, No. 2) with outstanding type (+1.2 PTAT, No. 8). He sires daughters that are tall with a great balance of strength and dairy form and splendid udders (+1.10 UDC).

BILLICK Adds Daughters, Increases Milk

7AY86 Palmyra Raven BILLICK added 25 new daughters to his production proof with the April summaries and saw a 250-pound boost in Milk (+760), which ranks him among the Ayrshire breed's top five production sires. BILLICK advances dairy form, increases rear udder width and height and is an overall type improver (+0.5 PTAT).

Now at 95% Reliability, 7AY84 Palmyra Tri-Star BURDETTE-ET remains the breed leader for type (+1.9 PTAT), takes the top spot for PTI (+532) and is the breed's No. 2 sire for Net Merit dollar value (+$404). Look to BURDETTE to improve longevity (+3.3 PL) and daughter fertility (+1.0 DPR). BURDETTE has earned the Showcase Selections logo as a proven sire of many show winners, and with gender SELECTed™ semen available, breeders can produce even more fancy young heifers that are sure to become profitable cows.

New Milking Shorthorn Sire Ready to Fill the Bulk Tank

7MS347 Mysha-Wo Advent LIRIANO-ET joins Select Sires' active lineup as a big-league milk sire (+1,705 M) with excellent components (+71 F, +45 P). Early indications on type for LIRIANO, a son of 7HO7872 KHW Kite ADVENT-RED-ET out of an Excellent (92-2E-EX-MS) All-American dam, are also very favorable. To his credit, he has already sired All-American-nominated daughters in Corstar Liriano Maize (VG-89), Honorable Mention All-American junior two-year-old, 2011, and Buckeye Knoll Liriano Pila, Unanimous All-American and Junior All-American fall yearling, 2011. Look for official type data on LIRIANO in August.

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