Newly Proven Sires Join Elite Select Sires Lineup

PLAIN CITY, Ohio, August 11, 2016-Nine "7HO" and two GenerVations sires graduate into the proven lineup at Select Sires. This outstanding class includes several FeedPRO® and calving ease sires as well as leaders for production, components, type, wellness values and fitness traits.

Production Powerhouses

Popular former Super Sampler™ 7HO12165 MONTROSS received his first production proof with outstanding results: +2,523 Milk, +159 Combined Fat and Protein (CFP), +765 Net Merit (NM$), +756 Cheese Merit (CM$), +690 Grazing Merit (GM$) and +783 Fluid Merit (FM$). Additionally, his GTPI® of +2613 ranks him with the best in the breed. MONTROSS is a Superior Settler™ with a +2.8 Sire Conception Rate (SCR) as well as a Calving Ease and FeedPRO sire and is available gender SELECTed™.

7HO11725 GRIN, a 7HO10849 SHAMROCK son from an Excellent (91) full sister to 7HO10848 GRAFEETI, transmits excellent production (+1,661M) and CFP (+120). He also ranks well for GTPI (+2385), NM$ (+678), CM$ (+680), GM$ (+632) and FM$ (+673). Additionally, GRIN is a FeedPRO and Calving Ease sire with a Heifer Conception Rate (HCR) of +2.9 and a pedigree free of 7HO11314 MOGUL and 7HO11351 SUPERSIRE.

7HO11893 ROZ-MAN, from back-to-back Excellent (91) dams, is a WellnessPRO™ sire with a Wellness Trait Index™ (WT$™) of +125. He is one of the best SHAMROCK sons for Milk (+1,390) and his daughters have outstanding fertility (+3.4 HCR, +3.2 Cow Conception Rate, +2.0 Fertility Index). A FeedPRO and Calving Ease sire, ROZ-MAN has a GTPI of +2337.

7HO11647 POLICE, a Snowman son from a deep pedigree of successful cows including Rabur Outside Pandora (EX-91-3E-EX-MS-GMD-DOM), is a WellnessPRO sire with a +261 WT$. He is a high-ranking sire for Dairy Wellness Profit Index™ (DWP$™) (+943) and GTPI (+2377) that transmits Milk (+2,158) and CFP (+128). POLICE is a Calving Ease and FeedPRO sire with a SCR of +3.2.

A 7HO10721 BOOKEM son from a high-production family, 7HO11830 LUCID is an excellent transmitter of Milk (+1,454), Protein (+47) and GTPI (+2348). His daughters are wide cows, with extremely high, wide udders. LUCID, a FeedPRO and Calving Ease sire, also ranks well for Somatic Cell Score (2.65).

Component Specialists

7HO11598 ROBUST ERIC, a maternal brother to 7HO11741 MOCHA and a Calving Ease and FeedPRO sire, transmits components (+0.11%F, +0.07%P) as well as CM$ (+648) and GM$ (+623). He is a fitness specialist with exceptional Productive Life (PL) (+7.1), Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) (+3.4), HCR (+3.2), CCR (+4.8) and FI (+3.6).

7HO11836 MILES, a popular former Super Sampler, is a top-30 GTPI sire at +2444. He is also one of the best for CFP (+127), NM$ (+661), CM$ (+686) and FM$ (+600). A FeedPRO sire, his daughters are moderate-sized cows with high, wide rear udders and solid Type (+1.89). MILES is available in gender SELECTed semen.

7HO11838 MORDEN, a GRAFEETI son from the well-proven Shottle May family, is a component specialist (+71F, +114CFP) that also ranks well for GTPI (+2401) and NM$ (+628). A FeedPRO and Calving Ease sire, his daughters are fertile (+2.6 HCR), medium-sized cows with outstanding rear udder attachments.

Type Transmitter

An early proven son of MOGUL from the same family as 7HO11524 DANTE and 7HO11525 DONATELLO, 7HO11926 DEFENDER joins the lineup with exceptional Type (+2.69), Udder Composite (UDC) (+3.03) and Feet and Leg Composite (FLC) (+2.78). A FeedPRO and Calving Ease sire, he is also a top GTPI sire at +2338.

GenerVations Additions

250HO11837 MCCORD, joins the GenerVations lineup from the deep Shottle May family, ranks well for GTPI (+2422) and is a top-15 sire for LPI (+3024) and Pro$ (+2143) in Canada. He transmits excellent WT$ (+130), Fat (+66, +0.12%), NM$ (+626), GM$ (+616), DPR (+1.6) and FI (+1.9). MCCORD daughters are moderate in stature with outstanding udder attachments reflected in his +1.67 UDC.

250HO1040 CALENDAR, a Snowman son from R-Z Baxter Caramel-ET (VG-88-DOM), is an elite Type (+2.54), UDC (+1.95) and FLC (+2.40) sire with a different sire stack. In Canada, he is a top-50 LPI sire (+2875) and ranks eighth for Conformation (+16). His daughters are tall, open, strong, deep and wide cows with outstanding feet and legs and udder attachments.

For the complete list of Select Sires' new graduates as well as the full breed-leading Holstein lineup, please visit or contact your Select Sires sales representative today.

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Source: 08/16 CDCB Genomic Evaluation. 08/16 % Rel: MONTROSS Yield 86, NM$ 85, SCR 99; GRIN NM$ 90, HCR 70, Yield 94; ROZ-MAN Yield 94, HCR 73, CCR 78, FI 78; POLICE Yield 92, SCR 99; LUCID Yield 95, SCS 90; ROBUST ERIC Yield 94, PL 85, DPR 80, HCR 72, CCR 79, FI 78; MILES Yield 95, NM$ 91, Type 91; MORDEN Yield 94, NM$ 91, HCR 76; DEFENDER Type 90; MCCORD LPI 84, Yield 90, NM$ 87, DPR 84, FI 79, Type 85; CALENDAR Type 85, LPI 85, Conformation 87. ™WellnessPRO, Super Sampler and gender SELECTed are trademarks of Select Sires Inc. Wellness Trait Index, WT$, Dairy Wellness Profit Index and DWP$ are trademarks of Zoetis Inc., its affiliates and/or its licensors. ®FeedPRO is a registered trademark of Select Sires Inc. Total Performance Index and TPI are registered trademarks of Holstein Association USA.