Select Sires' High-Components Lineup Includes Leaders for Performance, Type and Fertility

PLAIN CITY, Ohio, August 19, 2016 - Select Sires continues to offer industry-leading Brown Swiss, Ayrshire and Guernsey genetics for every type of operation.

Balanced Brown Swiss lineup

Select's Brown Swiss lineup is home to sires that excel for a balance of traits. 7BS852 BOSEPHUS is the new No. 1 Type sire (+1.2) while his maternal brother 7BS854 BUSH is the new breed leader for Udder Composite (UDC) at +1.44. 7BS826 AUGUST tops active A.I. sires for Sire Conception Rate (SCR) (+3.3), Somatic Cell Score (SCS) (2.67) and Mobility (+1.0). All three members of the Brown Swiss lineup are top-10 sires for SCR, SCS, Cheese Merit (CM$) and Type.

New Super Sampler 7BS886 HI-TOWER debuts as a top-five young sire for Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) (+3.3), Milk (+1,286), Net Merit (NM$) (+489) and GPPR (+187). 7BS871 ADVISOR is the leading NM$ (+548) and CM$ (+582) young sire and ranks well for Productive Life (PL) (+7.4), Livability (LIV) (+3.3) and SCS (2.67). 7BS882 MOONLIGHT (+1.1), 7BS872 TEQUILA (+1.0) and 7BS884 ALLSTAR (+1.0) are top-five young sires for Type while 7BS883 NORDIC is the No. 1 sire for Mobility at +1.1.


7AY84 BURDETTE (+1.8) and his son 7AY90 LOCHINVAR (+1.6) maintain their position at the top of the breed for Type as the No. 1 and No. 2 sires while BURDETTE is the No. 2 Conformation sire north of the border at +13. BURDETTE (+2.2), LOCHINVAR (+1.6) and 7AY93 BERKELY (+1.5) are the No. 1, No. 3 and No. 4 SCR sires in the breed, respectively. BURDETTE is a top-five GPTI (+478) and CM$ (+169) sire, LOCHINVAR is the No. 3 sire for Milk (+816) and BERKELY is the breed leader for Heifer Conception Rate (HCR) (+4.2).

Super Sampler 7AY115 SECURE is the No. 1 active young sire for HCR (+2.9) and is one of the top sires for Milk (+1,526) and GPTI (+550). 7AY111 REAGAN is the top young sire for PL (+3.7) while 7AY107 ROUSH leads the way for SCR (+1.2). Both REAGAN and ROUSH are top-five Type sires at +1.5 and +1.3, respectively.

PHONZE leads Guernsey lineup

7GU447 PHONZE (+82), 7GU446 NOVAK (+80), 7GU438 LEVI (+56) and 7GU440 CORDELL (+51) are all top-10 PTI sires. The Select lineup is also home to two top-five SCR sires: NOVAK (+1.6) and PHONZE (+0.2). Among young sires, 7GU466 RUSSELL is the leading sire for DPR (+0.3) and SCS (2.90) while 7GU470 NEWTON is the No. 1 sire for PL (+3.5) and the No. 2 sire for NM$ (+303) and UDC (+1.0).

For the complete list of Select Sires' High-Components Breeds, please visit or contact your Select Sires sales representative.

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc. is North America's largest A.I. organization and is comprised of nine farmer-owned and -controlled cooperatives. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying dairy and beef producers with North America's best genetics at a reasonable price.

Source: 08/16 CDCB Genomic Evaluation, Active A.I. lists. 08/16 %Rel.: BOSEPHUS Type 87; BUSH Type 91; AUGUST SCR 85, SCS 87, Type 87; HI-TOWER DPR 52, Yield 60, NM$ 57; ADVISOR NM$ 63, PL 60, LIV 39, SCS 62; MOONLIGHT Type 65; TEQUILA Type 68; ALLSTAR Type 64; NORDIC Type 65; BURDETTE Type 98, Conformation 96, SCR 86; LOCHINVAR Type 85, SCR 65, Yield 92; BERKELY SCR 55, HCR 59; SECURE HCR 37, Yield 46; REAGAN PL 39, Type 46; ROUSH SCR 45, Type 48; NOVAK SCR 54; PHONZE SCR 48; RUSSELL DPR 30, SCS 37; NEWTON PL 29, NM$ 33, Type 33. Super Sampler is a trademark of Select Sires Inc.