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PLAIN CITY, Ohio, April 17, 2017 - Select Sires continues to offer the best genomic young sires with the top 14 GTPI® sires on Holstein Association USA’s Genomic Young Bulls list including Super Samplers 7HO13250 JEDI (+2867) and new release 507HO13607 MAGICTOUCH (+2820). 7HO12600 MODESTY (+2802) and 507HO13576 KNIGHT (+2791) rank in the list’s top 20. MODESTY is the No. 3 young sire for Net Merit (NM$) at +977 while 7HO12788 FRAZZLED (+939), 7HO12943 CURRY (+921) and 7HO12821 EVEREST (+909) rank in the top 20. Select Sires is home to nearly half (22) of the top 50 active young sires for NM$.

There are 42 Super Samplers and GenerVations young sires that transmit more than 150 pounds of Combined Fat and Protein (CFP) including breed leader 250HO13267 DUKE (+202). Other top-15 CFP sires include CURRY (+185) and 507HO13504 JAGUAR (+181). DUKE (+115), JAGUAR (+112), 7HO12811 LOPEZ (+109) and 7HO12901 HAD ME (+109) are top-15 Fat sires and JEDI (+89), DUKE (+87), CURRY (+80) and 7HO13284 LONESTAR (+79) are among the best for Protein.

Showcase Selections young sires occupy four of the top spots for Type: 7HO12922 DELIGHT is the new No. 1 Type sire at +4.33, new release 550HO12961 DOC ranks third at +3.91, 250HO12589 JACOBY is fifth (+3.90) and 7HO12921 WILSON is No. 7 at +3.84. 7HO12353 BEEMER (+3.65) and 7HO12593 UNION (+3.56) are top-20 Type sires as well. DELIGHT (+3.60) is the No. 2 active young sire for Udder Composite (UDC) and JACOBY (+3.31) is in the top 15, while DELIGHT (+2.80) and BEEMER (+2.78) are top-10 Feet and Leg Composite (FLC) young sires.

Wellness Leaders
Select Sires has designated the highest Wellness Trait Index (WT$) sires as WellnessPRO sires. This index focuses on six wellness traits (mastitis, lameness, metritis, retained placenta, displaced abomasum and ketosis) and includes an economic value for Polled test results. 7HO12556 PAGEONE (+337), 7HO12929 SLY (+319), 7HO12773 KENOSHA (+265), 7HO13505 PAPA P (+254), 7HO12782 BONJOUR (+252), 7HO13573 MANNLEY (+249) and 7HO12482 GAYLORD-P (+248) are not only the top WT$ sires at Select, but also rank among the breed’s top 20.

Dairy Wellness Profit Index (DWP$) is a multi-trait selection index which includes production, fertility, type, longevity and wellness traits. There are 11 genomic young sires at Select Sires that exceed +1,050 DWP$ including FRAZZLED (+1,133), MAGICTOUCH (+1,132), PAGEONE (+1,122), MODESTY (+1,097), 7HO13573 MANNLEY (+1,090), 7HO13492 CONQUEST (+1,083), CURRY (+1,067), 7HO12886 CANNON (+1,066), JAGUAR (+1,064) and SLY (+1,062).

7HO12884 OPTION is a top-15 young sire for Somatic Cell Score (SCS) at 2.47, 7HO12797 LEGENDARY (+10.1) ranks in the top five for Productive Life (PL), 7HO12236 BAYONET is among the top 15 for Livability (LIV) at +4.8 and LEGENDARY (+5.2) and 7HO12882 ROUNDROCK (+4.8) are top-10 sires for Heifer Conception Rate (HCR).

Fertility frontrunners
Select’s Super Sampler and GenerVations young sire lineups contain 20 sires that exceed +3.0 for Sire Conception Rate (SCR) including the No. 2 young sires in the breed, 7HO12667 BORIS-RED and 7HO12832 SEATTLE at +4.8. 7HO13281 MILLER-P (+4.2), 7HO12777 ROZWELL (+4.1), 7HO13276 BOWEN (+4.0), 7HO12834 SATCHEL (+3.8), BONJOUR (+3.7) and 7HO13461 REMINGTON (+3.7) are among the best in the breed for SCR.

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Source: 04/17 CDCB Genomic Evaluation, HA Genomic Evaluation. Active Genomic Holstein Young Sire List. 04/17 % Rel.: JEDI Yield 80; MODESTY NM$ 76; FRAZZLED NM$ 74; CURRY NM$ 73, Yield 76; EVEREST NM$ 74; DUKE Yield 79; JAGUAR Yield 78; LOPEZ Yield 78; HAD ME Yield 78; LONESTAR Yield 79; DELIGHT Type 78; DOC Type 78; JACOBY Type 79; WILSON Type 78; BEEMER Type 79; UNION Type 79; OPTION SCS 74; LEGENDARY PL 73, HCR 64; BAYONET LIV 62; ROUNDROCK HCR 61; BORIS-RED SCR 87; SEATTLE SCR 64; MILLER-P SCR 96; ROZWELL SCR 84; BOWEN SCR 97; SATCHEL SCR 63; BONJOUR SCR 96; REMINGTON SCR 88. WellnessPRO, Showcase Selections and Super Sampler are trademarks of Select Sires Inc. Wellness Trait Index, WT$, Dairy Wellness Profit Index and DWP$ are trademarks of Zoetis Inc., its affiliates and/or its licensors. ®Total Performance Index and TPI are registered trademarks of Holstein Association USA.