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A Common Sense Approach to Heat Detection

Easy To Apply

Apply an 8-inch strip of DETECT-HER Tailpaint on the tailhead with the grain of the hair the width of the applicator brush only. For best results, apply as needed to maintain visibility, and then touch-up paint only as needed. Animals that are mounted several times have all or almost all of their paint removed. DETECT-HER Tailpaint can be re-applied as often as needed to maintain visibility. A uniform strip will build up a base, yet will still easily rub off during mounting activity.

Easy To Read

DETECT-HER Tailpaint is the first U.S.-made tailpaint that is specially formulated for heat detection in confined housing. It is easy to apply and will rub off with several mounts, making interpretation of standing heat straightforward. It works well on short and long hair; and deters licking because of the added ingredient, BITTERGUARD®. In herds where licking is a problem, it may take several applications to deter licking.

Special Formula

DETECT-HER Tailpaint is a combination of adhesive and latex paint that has been specially formulated for heat detection on confined cattle. One bottle will paint approximately 30 to 40 head on the first application. It is thicker than other tailpaints, and allows for a more controlled application with less waste. This 8-ounce product is a convenient pocket size, and the soft bottle makes squeezing easy. Other oil-based tailpaints make cleanup a hassle. DETECT-HER Tailpaint is water soluble for easy cleanup, and will not stain hands.

Blue and Orange Tubes Orange Label

DETECT-HER Tailpaint can be used as a group system by applying to all cows in the herd or cows in a breeding pen. Walk through painted groups daily and touch-up confined cattle as needed. This will maintain a uniform paint stripe. Cattle missing all or almost all of the paint should be investigated - secondary signs of heat, previous breeding or prior heat dates - and bred accordingly.

DETECT-HER Tailpaint can also be used as an individual cow system. Apply tailpaint only to specific cows that are breeding candidates, like synchronized cattle or cows due to be in heat. Walk through confined cattle daily and visually observe painted cows. Individual cows should be touched-up as needed to maintain uniform strip of paint. Interpret paint and breed accordingly.

MARK-HER Livestock Marking Paint

Due to requests from many of our DETECT-HER users, HWP Company is now manufacturing and marketing a new paint. This paint has been developed to make a long lasting, highly visible mark on pregnant cows when marking tail heads in a whole herd tail painting system.

Uses for MARK-HER

  • Marking pregnant cows in herds marking tail heads for heat detection. A challenge when marking all cows with DETECT-HER or crayons is keeping marks on pregnant and do not breed cows, especially when cattle are not in lockups. Paint marks from this product should last up to two weeks.
  • Marking fresh dates on cattle
  • Marking cattle for synchronization. When animals are determined to be synchronized or given the first synchronization treatment mark cattle with Mark-Her so cattle can be easily found for next treatment and breeding. Many synchronization protocols are seven to 10 days long and most marking products will not last long enough to identify cattle throughout treatment and breeding.
  • Mark animals when putting in CIDR implants. This long lasting mark will make checking CIDR tails, giving injections, pulling CIDRS and identifying animals to breed much easier.
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