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4XLA Pre- and Post-Milking Teat Dip

The Premier Pre- and Post-Dip

Like all Alcide teat dips, the germicide in 4XLA® is only attracted to mastitis-causing organisms. It ignores teat skin and milkers' hands. The addition of glycerin to this natural formulation makes it the premier teat conditioning pre- and post-dip.

4XLA is the Perfect Pre-dip

Speed of kill is important in pre-dipping. Where iodines can take up to one full minute to kill all mastitis-causing organisms on the teat, 4XLA kills in 15 seconds. With 4XLA, you won't have to stand around waiting for your pre-dip to do its job. Protocol tests show 4XLA is even effective against Staph. aureus in a pre-dipping routine. 4XLA is the only teat dip that can make this claim.

4XLA is the Perfect Post-dip

Besides killing incredibly fast, 4XLA replaces the teat's natural "mantle" defense that is removed during milking...for that extra margin of protection. And, like UDDERgold PLUS, 4XLA is a great conditioner, too.

  • The Alcide germicide
  • Excellent skin conditioning
  • 15 to 20 second kill speeds
  • Proven effective against Staph. aureus in both pre- and post-dipping routines
  • Proven environmental and contagious organism control
  • Replenishes the cows's natural defense
  • Tested in accordance with NMC protocols
  • Environmentally safe

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