Udder Care Products

Aztec Gold Post-Milking Teat Dip

A Modern Teat Dip for Modern Producers

It's ideal for modern dairy operations where the full protection of a barrier is not needed.

Bright Gold Color

  • Lasts four-to-five hours, even in temperatures up to 95oF
  • See the coverage in the parlor and hours later in the pens

Thicker Viscosity

  • Clings to the teats longer, exposing them to the extended killing power
  • Increased exposure time for the emollient results inthe same great skin conditioning
  • Minimal drippage

Germicidal Performance

  • Synergizer for ASC chemistry
  • More effective against Staph. aureus than competitor products
  • Proven just as effective against Mycoplasma bovis as iodine dips with >4.77 log reduction

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