Select Mating Service (SMS)

Commitment Behind the Program

One of the most critical aspects of any successful business plan is the training of the staff expected to carry out the plan. Your dairy operation depends on hard-working, trained personnel and so does your genetic business plan. Select's professional SMS consultants combine good old-fashioned cow sense with the most advanced computerized analysis to help you achieve your goals.

Select Mating Service (SMS), Select Sires’ dairy cattle mating program, is backed by highly trained and professional consultants that mated nearly two million new animals in 2012.

"SMS has contributed to creating the type of cows and herd we want. It gives me peace of mind. Recently we started genomic testing all calves and the genetics on paper are phenomenal. The service made the decision and it's worked! Select Sires has a solid reputation and good quality service. We rely on Select Sires' people to provide expertise and to point out problems they see and offer solutions. We like the team we work with."

-Winkel Dairy, McBain, Mich., 750 cows

Our Professional Consultants:

  • attend regular training sessions and see milking daughters from across the country to help guide you with physical results.
  • are people you can trust because they genuinely care about your future. Most all have devoted their professional lives to the dairy genetics business.
  • work hard to establish a breeding program that will accelerate herd improvement to meet your breeding program goals.
  • have the experience necessary to accurately evaluate each cow and provide the corrective matings so important to your success.

Efficient in All Herd Sizes

SMS consultants have the tools available to pull pedigree data from dairy management programs, thus speeding up the input process. Corrective mating recommendations can be placed back into your management system to provide efficiency for any size herd.

World-Wide Success

SMS is the most trusted and successful mating program in the world. In 1973, when SMS began, 5,800 cows were mated. That number has grown to more than 9.5 million throughout the world! No A.I. organization can match the customer satisfaction and outstanding service that Select's professional consultants provide. SMS is building better cows throughout the world.

A Decade of SMS

New Cow-Side Evaluations: 1,226,498 in 2017

Current New Cow-Side Evaluations Graph

New Pedigree Matings: 2,083,802 in 2017

Current New Pedigree Matings Graph

Total New Animals: 3,310,300 in 2017

Current Total New Animals Graph

These numbers are updated after the final proof run for each year in December.