Select Mating Service (SMS)

Multiple Programs Available

Select Mating Service (SMS), Select Sires� dairy cattle mating program, has multiple programs including cow-based linear evaluation, pedigree matings and walk-through genetic evaluations.

Over the years, the SMS program has evolved to include several different programs aimed at different dairy producer needs. We can complete any of the program options below and give you informative metrics to measure the performance of your dairy farm.

Cow-Based Linear Evaluation: Each cow is evaluated using 17 primary traits that are all 10 percent or more in heritability. Evaluating the total cow is important due to many correlations between traits.

Pedigree Mating (SMS II™): Pedigree information is used for inbreeding and recessive management on heifers or cows. SMS even allows you to utilize the type information of the dam, if evaluated, to better predict the parent average type of the offspring. The genomic era has increased the reliability of this data in predicting the future. Herd owners only need to send their SMS consultant an excel file containing the pedigrees of each animal to make this program useful. All data can be electronically received and sent using this process.

Genomic Mating: SMS has the ability to incorporate Genomic estimates so dairymen can utilize this investment to maximize genetic gain, improve accuracy of parentage identification and utilize genetic estimates for mating. This process is completely automated and provide many options in designing a breeding program. Options like animal rankings to maximize genetic investment like sexed semen, has a higher degree of accuracy with genomic results. SMS can help design a breeding program that utilizes your genomic testing investment.

Walk-Through Genetic Evaluation: A professional consultant will visit your dairy to view your herd, discuss genetics and make sire recommendations to develop your genetic business plan. Want to discuss what percent of genomic bulls to use in your breeding program, the latest changes to NM$ formula or other genetic concerns? Talk to your SMS consultant.

StrataGEN®: A unique, sequential breeding system that utilizes genomic insights to achieve individual herd breeding goals while also minimizing inbreeding. StrataGEN is a new concept developed by Select Sires for mating cows in large commecial dairy enterprises. If utilized properly, StrataGEN provides a simple system for effectively mating commercial dairy cows while maintaining an acceptable level of or even reducing the herd's inbreeding levels. To learn more about whether SMS or StrataGEN is the best choice for your herd, visit the SMS or StrataGEN section of our website.

Producing Results

The SMS program allows you to analyze your herd improvement. The following resources are available to show the current status of your herd, the breed average and the direction the matings are taking your herd based on different criteria. The graphs below are an example of the valuable information SMS can provide.

Select Mating Service (SMS), Select Sires� dairy cattle mating program, has multiple programs including cow-based linear evaluation, pedigree matings and walk-through genetic evaluations.

Inbreeding analysis: an analysis of the genes in common throughout the herd.

Type-trait distribution: a report that shows strengths and weaknesses of your herd related to breed averages for all type traits.

Sire-summary listing: this report lists the genetics used in the mating program and the weighted values for all traits. Especially production and fitness traits. It also shows the number of times each bull in the mating program is recommended for a first, second or third option.

Genetic-direction graphs: a report that shows the genetic situation the herd is in with their parentage and the improvement expected from the group of sires used in the breeding program.

Herd rankings: a genetic ranking program that can rank your animals based on their individual pedigree value, helping you decide what are your most valuable animals on which to use gender SELECTed™ semen or elite genetics.

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