Breeding to Feeding

A New Profit Stream for U.S. Dairies

The state of today's dairy and beef industries have made Breeding to FeedingSM a clear way to connect beef supply with demand.

  • Tight beef supplies worldwide have fueled high beef prices.
  • This year's beef calf crop and cow herds are at their smallest levels in more than 60 years. Beef calf numbers have declined each year since 1995.
  • Feedlots and packers are searching for uniform, quality cattle, which efficiently convert feed to gain.
  • Dairy steers make up a significant portion of the U.S. beef supply.
  • Dairies can capture more revenue by providing a consistent supply of dairy-beef calves bred for uniformity, quality, growth and feedlot performance.
  • Many dairy herds produce an abundance of heifers − more than enough to replenish their milking herd − due to improved reproduction and new technologies.

"Breeding to Feeding is a sustainable resource management program to produce a value-added feeder calf for a depleted national supply chain by tapping into the dairy industry. Breeding to Feeding is a win-win for both the dairy producer, Wulf Cattle and ultimately consumers of quality beef."

-Lyle Kruse, vice president market development, Select Sires Inc.

SMBreeding to Feeding is a servicemark of Wulf Cattle.