Select Mating Service (SMS)

Consistent Results by Promoting Uniformity

Efficiency is very important in your daily operation. As automation becomes a part of the everyday life in your herd, it is becoming even more important that your herd is uniform to maximize productivity. Having consistent results will remove problem cows from your herd, while also allowing you to maximimze profit per stall and/or profit per cow.

Select Mating Service (SMS), Select Sires� dairy cattle mating program, promotes uniformity in your herd, allowing you to increase efficiency and use robotics and automation more effectively.

"We used to have some inbreeding problems, but we rarely see that now that we are using the SMS program. The cows are more similar and are what we want them to be − uniform, medium-sized cows with a willingness to milk. We have been on the SMS program for over six years and it would be hard to replace our SMS evaluator, Peter Matousek. He just knows cows and what we're looking for. We especially appreciate not having to personally think about mating each of our 900 cows."

-Tyler Hyink, manager at Willie Bokma Dairy, Twin Falls, Idaho