With the April sire summaries, Select Sires introduced a new program designed to offer early public access to the most elite genetics in the marketplace while still protecting these most valuable assets for the future. Commercial producers had expressed concern over Select Sires’ policy of delaying the marketing of elite genetics on a public platform. In response, NXGEN was born to allow our customer owners the earliest access to these elite sires with signed agreements about how the resulting offspring could be marketed.

The initial launch of NxGEN was met with mixed response. In keeping with our dedication to listening to and being guided by our grassroots cooperative member owners, Select Sires paused the launch, interviewed more producers to fully understand concerns and revamped NxGEN.

We appreciate the candid communication we received from our important customer base and the guidance offered to make NxGEN a premier marketing program of elite caliber genetics for use in our customer-owner’s herds. We also very much appreciate the understanding about why NxGEN was developed and its importance to ensure Select Sires will be a leading source of more elite genetics for our customer owners in the future.

We think you will find the revised NxGEN program fulfills the original purpose and provides an even better fit for those interested in obtaining the most elite genetics as quickly as possible for their herds. Your continued support of NxGEN and all Select Sires’ programs is greatly appreciated. As always, Your Success is Our Passion!

®NxGEN is a registered trademark of Select Sires Inc.