Program for Genetic Advancement (PGA™)

Industry Leading Genetics

The dairy sire program at Select Sires has never been stronger. The genetic offering in our current lineup of dairy sires includes leading genetics in a variety of areas including durable and trouble-free cattle for commercial environments, high production, high final scores and show winners. Select Sires is on the cutting edge with the new genomic technology and the PGA will play a key role in our future success.

Focused on Accuracy for You

  • Industry's only true national proving program
  • Organized so no more than 25 percent of the daughters are in any one part of the country
  • Includes herds from 100 to 10,000 cows
  • Includes large numbers of reference sires in most herds
  • High selection pressure (1:10)
  • Testing progeny daughters for parentage verification
  • First A.I. program to use Marker Assisted Selection with the Igenity Profile
  • Member of the CDDR (Cooperative Dairy DNA Repository)
  • Heavily investing in genomic testing of sire candidates
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