Genetic Strategies to Maximize Profit

The following is a series of interviews we conducted with customers who are utilizing consultation services through ProfitMAX.

ProfitMAX® is built on five pillars:

An Introduction to ProfitMAX

In today’s dairy economy, it’s not easy to make a profit. But, as a dairy manager, your family, your farm and your future depend on it.

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ProfitMAX: Driven by Your Goals

Enrolling your herd begins with a genetic consultation, where our team of industry experts will develop an understanding of your operation, identify your needs, discuss challenges and work with you to establish goals to lead your operation into the future.

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ProfitMAX: Focused on Your Future

We understand that profit is important, but we also know that what drives your operation is the passion you have for your family, your farm, and your future. That passion propels you forward and is at the core of everything you do. Your Success is Our Passion, too.

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ProfitMAX: Customized for Your Operation

For more than 50 years Select Sires has worked with producers of every size to maximize performance and profit in their operations. We realize no two operations are the same. ProfitMAX offers customized strategies to solve the unique challenges of your operation.

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ProfitMAX: Adding Genetic Value

The genetic decisions you make today will impact your herd for generations to come. A customized ProfitMAX breeding strategy, based on your goals, will improve your bottom line and increase the genetic value of your herd.

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ProfitMAX: Support You Can Trust

As our industry evolves, there’s more data and information to consider, and seemingly less time than ever before. Our experts want to bring more value to your operation by helping you discover profit opportunities and management strategies to secure a bright future.

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ProfitMAX: Get Started

To learn more about ProfitMAX, or enroll your herd, contact your local Select Sires representative, or click the button below to get started.

®ProfitMAX is a registered trademark of Select Sires Inc.