Recommended Beef Sires

Select Sires’ ProfitMAX beef sires have been selected for crossbreeding on Holsteins and Jerseys. These sires excel for calving ease, growth performance, carcass merit, and most importantly, they offer elite fertility to maximize the reproductive performance in your herd.

  1. A ProfitMAX sire’s semen has been produced by Select Sires and has met the rigorous health and quality standards we demand for our customers. Subsequent field testing will earn a sire a Fertility Verified designation, which combines semen quality evaluations with conception data.

  2. A ProfitMAX Sire ranks in the top ½ of his respective breed for both Calving Ease and for Terminal Index.

Using above-average Calving Ease bulls helps to reduce dystocia, results in more live calves and ultimately improves future reproductive performance for both cows and heifers.

Beef on Dairy Directory

This directory has the reccomended beef sires that have desirable traits ranging from elite calving ease and exceptional fertility to fast growing/high marbling and feed efficiency.

®ProfitMAX is a registered trademark of Select Sires Inc.