Terminal Index

The Terminal Index combines traits for growth, gain and end-product merit into one index. Using above-average sires for Terminal Index means your resulting calves will perform well on feed and earn premiums at harvest.Using ProfitMAX sires gives you the best opportunity to realize additional revenues from calves who hit or exceed market targets.

Angus - Beef Value ($B): an index value expressed in dollars per head, is the expected average difference in future progeny performance for post weaning and carcass value compared to progeny of other sires.

Simmental - Terminal Index (TI): evaluates sires for use on mature Angus cows with all offspring put on feed and sold grade and yield.

Charolais - Terminal Sire Index (TSI): represents a dollar index per terminal progeny produced from a bull in the Charolais database, ranking them for profit potential.

Limousin - Mainstream Terminal Index ($MTI): measures differences in expected profit per carcass produced on a mainstream grid (yield grade 1 or 2, Select to low-Choice quality grade, and no over- or under-weights or dark cutters).

ProfitMAX beef sires help you create higher-value feeder calves – ultimately, a win/win/win for you, your customers and our beef consumers.

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