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Select Sires regrets to share that George Miller passed away on February 13, 2021 at the age of 94. George made significant contributions to the dairy industry and Select Sires. He was a tremendous leader, visionary and great friend to many. Please enjoy this collection of memories as we look back in our archive of George’s comments and accomplishments. 

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Please enjoy this collection of memories as we look back in our archive of George’s comments and accomplishments.

Pedigree and past

George grew up helping on his uncle’s dairy farm, Round Oak Farm in Virginia. With an appreciation for Holstein cattle and pedigrees, he went on to attend Virginia Polytechnic Institute and studied dairy husbandry. After earning his bachelor’s degree, he continued his education and earned a master’s degree in dairy science in 1956. Following graduation, he was hired by Virginia Artificial Breeders Association (VABA) and was eventually promoted to general manager.

His time as the general manager of VABA encompassed many great accomplishments, but perhaps the most well-known was the acquisition of 7HO58 Round Oak Rag Apple ELEVATION (EX-96-GM).

Read more about George’s involvement in ELEVATION’s mating and impact on the Holstein breed.

His time at Select Sires Inc.

George Miller looking at Elevation PresentationOn October 1, 1973 George joined the staff at Select Sires Inc. headquarters in Plain City, Ohio. In 2015, former Select Sires Inc. General Manager Dick Chichester was interviewed for the 50-year history book. He was asked about key people he worked with at Select Sires and George was the first name he mentioned. Here’s an excerpt from the book:

“When I became temporary manager, I needed a marketing manager. My first call was to George Miller. The reason I called George was because he was honest and he would tell you what he really thought. Sometimes people thought we were going to come to blows because George’s voice would get raised but he really was just concerned about doing things right.”

(Pictured right: George watches a slide show presentation honoring ELEVATION at the Select Sires Kellgren Center. George was influential in the legendary sire's rise to the history books.)

In 1990, George shared some reflections on Select Sires’ 25 years of operation in this excerpt:

Select Sires is proof to the world that miracles do happen, and dreams do come true. You know the sense of pride that we employees of Select Sires have in being, and striving to give our best. Teamwork, the joy of working together, contributing positively to the success of those who use our service, keeps us striving to deserve the confidence that people (farmers, directors and co-workers) place in us.”

Bill Clark and George MillerThose words represent George’s spirit as a leader at Select Sires. His words will continue to be an inspiration to those that work at Select Sires today and in the future.

(Pictured right: George has a conversation with World Wide Sires founder Bill Clark.)

George retired from Select Sires Inc. in 1991, but he remained an important member of the Select Sires family and was a friendly face at many company and industry events. 

“George Miller was a pillar of the Select Sires family. He was passionate about genetics, the Holstein cow, and his Select Sires family. His desire to support breeders with the very best genetics was his life’s mission. Throughout the years, George’s love and passion for the people of this cooperative provided the spirit and culture to our organization. To George, Select Sires was about family, the people. He was a natural leader and built a remarkable foundation for Select Sires,” said David Thorbahn, president and CEO of Select Sires Inc.


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