Developing a herd of cows with the type and production you demand that’s the goal of the world’s most trusted mating program, Select Mating Service (SMS). Professional SMS consultants use research, computerized analysis and cow knowledge to build better herds throughout the world, one mating at a time. They work hard to save you time, protect your investment and assist you in reaching your herd’s genetic goals.


To help manage inbreeding and prevent genetic losses caused by in-breeding, in-depth pedigree information is incorporated into the SMS program. As inbreeding levels escalate, the value of accurate parentage identification will heighten or become increasingly important. 

Recessives & Haplotypes

SMS protects your herd from unfavorable haplotypes and offers you guidance in selecting the most valuable genetics. By using pedigree information and genetic test results to avoid carrier-to-carrier matings, your SMS genetic consultant can help you discover genetic benefits from carrier sires. 


While faster genetic progress can be achieved for traits with high heritability, low heritability traits are often of high economic importance and must be emphasized in your breeding program. SMS allows producers to capitalize on these traits and accomplish even greater genetic advancement at a faster pace.


Efficiency is very important in your daily operation. As automation becomes a part of everyday life for your herd, it is imperative that the next generation of herd mates are uniform to maximize productivity. Having consistent results will remove problem cows from your herd, while also allowing you to maximize profit per stall and/or profit per cow.


Years of research has proven that specific traits correspond to a cow’s lifespan. SMS puts focus on the traits that make a difference in longevity. By utilizing the latest health, fertility and wellness traits, you can see maximum genetic gain in improving your next generation. 

Contact a Select Dairy Solutions Advisor

Your Select Dairy Solutions Advisor will work with you to identify goals, choose the right program to evaluate your herd, and provide you with up-to-date information and insights into your breeding strategy.

Contact your member cooperative to schedule a consultation with your local Select Dairy Solutions Advisor .


In 12 years we have seen a great improvement in our herd's type and production. Our consultant and technician make it easy to select the sires for our herd. We have noticed a real increase in the average score of our two-year-olds when we classify and the cows just seem to last longer and rescore higher as they get older. We use a fairly large selection of sires but the program allows us to maintain the uniformity that we look for.

-Rod and Brad Habel, Lolynd Farms, New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada

Our evaluator mates the cows that have calved since the last time he was here. We sit down and pick out the group of bulls we want to use and then let the mating program use them in the best way. Part of the success of SMS is having a good person doing a good job. The evaluator needs to understand your goals and help you get there. I have seen an improvement in type and I think SMS really helps develop consistency and uniformity within your cows.

-Mitch Breunig, Mystic Valley Dairy, Sauk City, Wis.

SMS has contributed to creating the type of cows and herd we want. It gives me peace of mind. Recently we started genomic testing all calves and the genetics on paper are phenomenal. The service made the decision and it's worked! Select Sires has a solid reputation and good quality service. We rely on Select Sires' people to provide expertise and to point out problems they see and offer solutions. We like the team we work with.

-Winkel Dairy, McBain, Mich.