Prioritize precision and accuracy

Detecting heat and correct estrus can have a significant impact on income. Optimizing breeding efficiencies with precision-designed, economic and easy-to-use breeding tools is essential to getting cows pregnant.
DETECT-HER™, DETECT-HER™ Spray and MARK-HER™ Tailpaints

H&W Product’s bright, oil-based weather-proof tail paint spray and markers are formulated for use inside and out on wet or dry animals. All colors are fluorescent, making them very interpretable to increase heat detection rate and accuracy. Longer lasting marks that don’t need to be touched-up every day allow breeders to walk more cows with less effort and time. The easy to control spray nozzle has high output,  nice for writing dates and symbols, and a safety cap to avoid inadvertent spraying. Upside down spray technology makes the sprayable easy to use.

ESTROTECT™ Breeding Indicator Patch

ESTROTECT Breeding Indicator is an excellent aid to any operation's program for detecting cows in heat. It features patent pending Breeding Bullseye technology that indicates when cows are ready to breed, helps confirm pregnancies and provides pinpoint timing for A.I. protocols!


KAMAR® Heatmount™ Detectors

KAMAR® Heatmount™ Detectors are a valuable heat-detection aid to identify cows that are ready to be bred artificially. The detectors are a pressure-sensitive device with a built-in timing mechanism designed to be activated by standing heat behavior.