Programs at Select Sires

Select Sires is an industry leader in bringing excellent programs, services and reproductive management solutions to dairy producers around the world. From our beginning, our passion has been your success. Dairy producers like you have turned to Select Sires for semen and services and through time, Select Sires has become a trusted source for breed-leading genetics, superior programs and the best trained, professional sales and service staff.


Build relationships, grow the beef-on-dairy supply chain, and increase the profitability of your herd with ProfitSOURCE. The lineup of ProfitSOURCE sires includes elite terminal beef bulls designed to meet specific genetic criteria.

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A ProfitMAX® analysis will help you achieve greater sustainability by maximizing the profitability of every breeding decision to meet the long-term goals you have set for your dairy herd.

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The SelectCROSS approach focuses on a structured three-breed rotation incorporating elite genetics from major breeds; Holstein, Jersey and Montbeliarde, to maximize heterosis.

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Select Mating Service® (SMS®)

SMS includes cow-based linear evaluation, pedigree mating or SMS II, and walk-through genetic evaluation in order to help you reach your herd’s genetic goals.

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Select Reproductive Solutions® (SRS®)

Through SRS, Select Sires offers a portfolio of reproductive services, products, programs and consultation that can be used to help you troubleshoot reproductive challenges in your herd.

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SimVitro® HerdFlex®

HerdFlex beef embryos provide an opportunity for commercial dairy farms to increase profitability and break into new markets.

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