Select Sires’ ProfitSOURCE sires are selected to meet your fertility and calving ease expectations, while also offering different profiles of growth and carcass traits desired by beef supply chain partners. Custom-selected genetics combined with elite calf care practices and traceability-driven insights drive demand. No matter your location, breed base, or desired marketing weight, marketing options are available! Tag it, Trace it, and Trust it as a source of profit on your farm.

Maximizing Value. 

Through tailored genetics and traceability-driven insights, ProfitSOURCE offers more than just a commodity. It is a complete program. Like-minded partners have developed alignments to source elite beef x dairy calves, creating multiple marketing options for the dairy producer from day-old calves to finished cattle. Work with your Select Sires representative to find the right option to maximize your returns.

Driving Profitable Performance.

The beef x dairy industry continues to evolve and Select Sires is equipped to provide you with products that offer the greatest profit potential. In markets where you can garner a higher premium for male beef x dairy calves, consult with your Select Sires advisor about how ProfitSOURCE Male Pack can boost those premiums! Click here to learn more!

Master Identification.

ProfitSOURCE cattle are traceable through program-issued, industry-unique EID and dangle tags. Tracing tagged calves bred specifically for each value chain has shown impressive performance on respective packer grids. ProfitSOURCE cattle consistently hit high quality grade marks and outcompete other beef x dairy on branded program acceptance rates.

performance on the rail.

Real, traceable program data continues to surface as cattle make their way through the beef supply chains. The very first set of tracked program cattle to be harvested had advantages over non-program beef x dairy. Improved quality grade and branded program acceptance means more value at the packer.

Proven returns. 



When research data was assessed on multiple packer grids, the ProfitSOURCE carcasses, on average, brought $190 to $210 more per head  than the competitor program cattle fed and harvested together in the trial. Click the video to learn how ProfitSOURCE can increase your revenue!

For a listing of the current ProfitSOURCE sires, click below!


Meet our ProfitSOURCE Partners

Calf ranches, feedlots and packers interested in source-verified, high quality ProfitSOURCE calves have established partnerships with Select Sires. ProfitSOURCE Partners may vary depending on geography, size of dairies, ownership arrangements, breed preferences, genetic criteria and end product targets. Click here to learn more about where each ProfitSOURCE partner can fit in your operations goals!



TD Beef’s exclusive partnership with Select Sires requires the use of elite terminal bulls selected for their program. Access to the program is contingent upon calf pickup logistics. Producers will be offered a premium for day-old calves, but must agree to utilize Select Sires for all their beef and dairy genetic inputs. Click here for more information!


Power Genetics is acquiring calves from dairies utilizing qualified SimAngus™ sires to breed purebred Holstein cows. They transport them to calf ranches, on to Power Genetics’ feed yards and ultimately to Cargill Meat Solutions. Click here for more information!



SimVitro® HerdFlex® embryos are a new approach to generating high performance beef calves. With this IVF solution, you can get full-beef calves that have calving ease and deliver value through improved feed efficiency, rate of gain, ribeye area and marbling. Click here for more information!


Dairy producers with an interest in growing their beef x dairy calves to middle weight (450lbs - 600lbs), can send their ProfitSOURCE-sired cattle direct to Friona Industries. Click here for more information!

GeneNet offers direct grid access to producers raising their ProfitSOURCE cattle to finish. As an added bonus, producers will receive group and individual carcass data back as part of this unique market access opportunity. Click here for more information!