Genetic tests reveal new Polled powerhouse

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PLAIN CITY, Ohio, January 19, 2022 – After extensive genetic testing, sire analysts have identified the Polled gene in 507JE1930 DABO-P. With this new genetic information, Select Sires now offers four of the industry’s top five Polled Jersey sires.

Keith Gibson, dairy development data manager at Select Sires Inc. explained, “We genomic test every bull calf that enters our program, which includes a gene test for the Polled condition. After this initial test, we verify with another Polled test through a separate genetic testing lab. Through this testing and discovery process, we have confirmed that 507JE1930 DABO-P is heterozygous Polled and all semen collected from this bull will produce 50 percent Polled offspring when mated to horned females.”

DABO-P has product in inventory and continues to produce semen for the market. Any straws printed prior to January, do not include the Polled suffix, however all DABO-P semen, regardless of collection date, is Polled. Moving forward, DABO-P will maintain the same stud code and all product and promotions will include the Polled suffix.

12/21 AJCA/CDCB Genomic Data

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