LIONEL leads multiple industry indexes

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PLAIN CITY, Ohio, April 6, 2022 – Sire summary results put 7HO14454 LIONEL among the breed’s best sires for Net Merit (+1,255 NM$), GTPI® (+3172), Herd Health Profit Dollars (+1,200 HHP$) and Dairy Wellness Profit Index® (+1,326 DWP$®). With the April updates, LIONEL added 1,200 daughters from 75 herds to his proof, improving his reliability and dominance within the breed.

LIONEL daughters have a tremendous will to milk and come in a commercially friendly package—designed for the modern dairyman,” said Kevin Jorgensen, senior sire analyst.

Farmers can expect healthier, longer-living and highly productive daughters from LIONEL. His pedigree reads 7HO12788 FRAZZLED x 7HO12165 MONTROSS x 7HO11351 SUPERSIRE and he boasts production power. LIONEL’s +3,397 Milk and +253 Combined Fat and Protein (CFP) will add pounds to the bulk tank and dollars to the bottom line. To create your next generation of herd leaders, LIONEL is available in gender SELECTED semen.



®Your Success Our Passion. is a registered trademark of Select Sires Inc. Dairy Wellness Profit Index and DWP$ are registered trademarks of Zoetis Inc., its affiliates and/or licensors. TPI is a trademark of Holstein Association USA. ™Herd Health Profit Dollars, HHP$ and gender SELECTED are trademarks of Select Sires Inc. All gender SELECTED semen is processed using Ultraplus™ technology. Ultraplus is a trademark of STGen LLC. 04/22 Zoetis Data, CDCB/HA Yield Rel % 99, NM$ Rel % 90. 

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