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Whether you’re selling your beef on dairy calves as day-olds or feeding them out, fostering a relationship with your buyer is important. Regardless of where or how you market your beef on dairy cattle, ProfitSOURCE® is designed to help you produce high-quality, uniform, desirable cattle. From sire selection to identification to health, consider this wish list as you make decisions for your beef on dairy program. 


1. Health, health, health

The calf grower’s job is no easy feat. With the critical role of raising beef on dairy calves from the newborn stage to weaning and beyond, growers assume a ton of risk. Therefore, they have a high interest in the health of your calves as well as the associated health records. As more calf ranches adopt herd management software to track performance, growers are becoming hyper-aware of comparative differences in morbidity and mortality rates of beef on dairy calves among different source dairies. Adhering to ProfitSOURCE’s calf care best practices can help set you up for success!

2. Program influence and visibility

Growers have varying streams for marketing calves from 350 to 600 pounds. Some growers sell calves in groups through online auctions like Superior Livestock, Overland or Cattle Marketing Services, while others sell directly to feeders. In any case, sale results have shown that program-tagged or otherwise identified cattle groups tend to sell at a higher value than unknown or undocumented groups. Enroll in the ProfitSOURCE program and tag those high-value calves for easy identification!

3. Uniformity

Items one and two have a proven direct influence on offspring value. Growers can capitalize from both a growth and management standpoint as well as a point-of-sale perspective when they can assemble whole groups of healthy, uniform cattle. The ProfitSOURCE sire lineup has some of the most targeted EPDs in the industry, with little spread among minimums and maximums for each trait.



4. Volume

Tasked with procuring cattle likely to be profitable, feeders tend to procure large volumes of “like” animals so that they can manage them similarly and based on known expectations. Dealing with a wide range of performance is less efficient in the yard. Think of consistent program cattle like a whole group of “invisible cattle,” our favorite kind on the dairy!

5. Efficiency and feeding performance

The use of genetics from fast-growing breeds like Angus, and from sires with strong Residual Average Daily Gain (RADG) EPDs, is valuable to feeders. Feed costs are high, and endpoint premiums for pounds and quality reign supreme. So, creating a higher-value animal that exhibits feed and growth efficiency is of great value to feedlots.

6. Uniformity

Are you beginning to see a trend? Consistent, predictable groups are enticing to feeders from both a management perspective on the lot, and when it comes to marketing cattle on a grid at the packer. ProfitSOURCE genetics are creating uniform cattle, which have been described as “peas in a pod.” Those words are music to a feeder’s ears!


Packers and Retailers

7. Pounds and yield

Carcasses yielding more saleable red meat are a big win for packers. More meat means more dollars. It is as simple as that!

8. Quality

Most beef on dairy cattle are sold to packers on a grid, meaning individual carcass quality is rewarded or discounted, if they perform poorly! Consumers currently tend to demand higher-quality beef for a more positive eating experience. ProfitSOURCE genetics are highly geared towards terminal performance, and traceability-fueled insights show our Angus x Holstein enrolled program cattle are grading 95% Choice and Prime, which are the highest two USDA Quality Grades.

9. And you guessed it - uniformity

Packers often hold retail relationships which rely on uniformity. Whether it be quality, size and shape of retail cuts, or branded program acceptance, many retailers have built their brand around the consistency of the product they sell. The beef on dairy story from breeding to eating is starting to transcend beyond just the dairy, and ProfitSOURCE is being requested from all parties by name.

As a risk management tool, position your beef-on-dairy cattle as elite with the help of ProfitSOURCE genetics, proper calf care and calf care records, and be sure to tag your calves with the appropriate program tags as ProfitSOURCE’s visibility continues to grow.

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