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Thanks to ProfitSOURCE’s traceable supply chain programs, we have collected thousands of carcass records on our beef on dairy cattle and work with partners to ensure continued demand for your calves. There is always new data. We receive it constantly! We consistently study the data as we receive it to quickly and accurately report any new findings.

Our supply chain data continues to show that ProfitSOURCE cattle are CONSISTENT! Packers and retailers crave consistency because it means they can promise a uniform product to their buyer, whether it’s in terms of ribeye size, marbling, or some other facet. We also see some improvements as we begin harvesting cattle of more recent ProfitSOURCE sires, including the percentage of cattle hitting Prime marks. Management, seasonality, and more can affect an animal’s ability to express their genetic potential. That said, the performance of ProfitSOURCE offspring still shines through!

How are we creating such predictable cattle?

The ProfitSOURCE lineup contains sires with market-targeted genetics. Compared to publicly available beef on dairy lineups, the Select Sires ProfitSOURCE lineup has the least range from minimum to maximum among sires for most EPDs. In addition, the ProfitSOURCE lineup includes the highest proportion of sires ranked among the top 20% for the $Beef terminal index and some of its components including Yearling Weight, Carcass Weight, and Marbling. Consistency is key to maintaining and building demand for the long run, and by using ProfitSOURCE, you are well on your way!

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