Longevity Background

Make Longevity Her Legacy

Select Sires is your source for modern genetics to improve cow health and fertility, assist in mastitis resistance and generate the best return on your investment.

Longevity Matters


Dairy farmers are using genetic audits to right-size their heifer inventories and diversify revenue. Fewer replacement heifers demands lower herd turnover rates. With this shift, herds will have more older cows. Boosting their resistance to disease will become increasingly important. Genetic focus on healthy, longer-living cows to maximize productive life will yield a greater return on investment. 




Tools for Longevity


The importance of longevity is clear, but without actionable ways to make these goals a reality, the future remains uncertain. Select Sires is equipped with a strong lineup of sires and genetic tools to create the next generation of healthy, trouble-free, fertile and efficient cattle for your operation. These genetic selection tools are specifically tailored to Make Longevity Her Legacy.

Longevity Background

Herd Health Profit Dollars


As you invest in fewer replacement heifers, additional focus must be on creating cows that stay healthy, with reduced challenges of mastitis and lower Somatic Cell Scores. The Herd Health Profit Dollars (HHP$) index is designed to produce cows that are highly productive and built to last.


HHP$ is a health-focused index to rank heifers in herds that genomic test but don’t test with Zoetis or have CLARIFIDE® Plus results. HHP$ is a tool that can be used for A.I. sire selection and provides a health-focused index that can be used across the industry to rank bulls on the future profitability of their daughters.


Search and sort for sires using HHP$ with the Select Sires Advanced Dairy Sire Search

Longevity Background


A genetic solution to mastitis resistance, this designation identifies sires which excel in multiple indicators of mastitis resistance and are more likely to deliver genetic improvement.


Mastitis ResistantPRO uses a combination of CDCB Mastitis Resistance, CDCB Somatic Cell Score (SCS) and Zoetis Mastitis Resistance. As dairy owners invest in fewer replacement heifers, additional focus must be on creating cows that stay healthy, with reduced challenges of mastitis and lower Somatic Cell Scores.


Avoid costly mastitis cases and save money, reduce waste milk and keep valuable replacements in the herd, lower antimicrobrial use, and more as the result of selecting with the Mastitis ResistantPRO designation.


Learn more about the Mastitis ResistantPRO designation and qualified sires here




Make Longevity Your Legacy


Every decision impacts the future of the herd and the future of the dairy industry. To be profitable and sustainable, you will need to leverage genetics. The long-term and industry-wide benefits of healthier cattle are immeasurable. This genetic approach is future-focused with great potential for less inputs, lower carbon footprint, minimal therapeutics and greater consumer approval. Emphasis on health traits secures profit margins regardless of the milk market, making your business more sustainable for the next generation.

Actively learn how to Make Longevity Your Legacy in the Discover center of our website, and through the posts below.

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