The goal of Select Sires' NxGEN program is to provide genetic advantages to dairy producers who are looking for next-level genetic gains. By joining and accepting the terms and conditions of the NxGEN program, members will have earlier access to our most elite genetics, which are widely respected in today’s genomic world, and the ability to capture breed-leading genetic trends like never before.


Former Sires
NAAB Code Full Name Date Enrolled Last Calf Birth Date
7HO14250PINE-TREE CW LEGACY-ET8/1/20199/1/2021
7HO14364SANDY-VALLEY EISAKU-ET4/1/20194/11/2021
7HO14792PLAIN-KNOLL SI MAGNITUDE-ET10/1/20194/11/2021
7HO14859RMD-DOTTERER SSI MAXIMUS-ET12/3/20199/1/2021
7HO14904HORSENS SSI SOLUTION LON-ET3/1/20204/11/2021
7HO15069BOMAZ TOP DOG-ET7/1/20205/10/2022
7HO15085SIEMERS RENGD PARFECT-ET5/1/20209/8/2022
7HO15097T-SPRUCE NUGNT GRANADA-ET4/7/20204/11/2021
7HO15099T-SPRUCE HUEY RELIANT-ET5/1/20201/6/2022
7HO15115AURORA RAGNAR-ET4/7/20209/1/2021
7HO15139BADGER SSI LUCIA FANECA-ET9/1/20201/6/2022
7HO15151MELARRY EISAKU FANTASTIC-ET8/11/20209/1/2021
7HO15167RMD-DOTTERER SSI GAMEDAY-ET12/1/20205/9/2023
7HO15186S-S-I LEGACY MR LEXUS-ET1/1/20211/6/2022
7HO15195MATCREST LEGACY LAZER-ET1/1/20215/10/2022
7HO15196LEVEL-PLAIN LEG VENUS-ET1/1/20219/8/2022
7HO15242SANDY-VALLEY ESPIONAGE-ET11/1/20209/8/2022
7HO15337SANDY-VALLEY SUPERCHARGE-ET10/1/20209/8/2022
7HO15344WET LEGACY MOWGLI-ET11/1/20201/6/2022
7HO15349TTM SS RENEGADE EXTRA-P-ET8/11/20209/1/2021
7HO15370T-SPRUCE RENEGADE REGAL-ET2/1/20219/8/2022
7HO15394KINGS-RANSOM LEGCY DRIVE-ET3/1/20219/8/2022
7HO15396FLY-HIGHER HUCK-ET5/1/20219/8/2022
7HO15436TTM LEGACY AVID-ET1/1/20211/6/2022
7HO15464PINE-TREE LEGACY LUNAR-ET2/1/20215/10/2022
7HO15465PLAIN-KNOLL CRUSHER-ET2/1/20211/5/2023
7HO15473WA-DEL LEGACY BOLETO-ET2/1/20215/10/2022
7HO15479WINSTAR LEGACY ENTICE-P-ET2/1/20215/10/2022
7HO15482BADGER SSI LUKAKU ROMELU-ET6/1/20215/10/2022
7HO15518BADGER SSI MAXIMS WESTON-ET8/10/20211/5/2023
7HO15563S-S-I BG MAX IMPACT-ET8/10/20219/8/2022
7HO15583CLEAR-ECHO MAX KASHTON-ET10/4/20215/9/223
7HO15592S-S-I REVLTN SENSATIONAL-ET10/4/20211/5/2023
7HO15606SANDY-VALLEY EVERYHOUR-ET5/1/20219/8/2022
7HO15651PINE-TREE HRC MOZZARELLA-ET8/10/20219/8/2022
7HO15695S-S-I ROSCOE ONO-ET3/1/20225/9/2023
7HO15778T-SPRUCE S-S-I BEETHOVEN-ET1/3/20225/9/2023
7HO15807LARS-ACRES GEORGE MILLER-ET4/5/20229/6/2023
7HO15821T-SPRUCE G FROST BITE-ET12/7/20211/4/2024
7HO15825BOSSIDE RUBEL REBEL-RED-ET11/1/20211/5/2023
7HO15862RMD-DOTTERER SSI R ELVIN-ET10/3/20229/6/2023
7HO15927RMD-DOTTERER BOLT ACTION-ET9/1/20221/4/2024
7HO15937SANDY-VALLEY  ESQUIRE-ET5/1/20229/6/2023
7HO15966LA-CA-DE-LE T ISAAC8731-ET4/5/20229/6/2023
7HO15977WELCOME-TEL TAOS HAYK-ET3/1/20228/8/2023
7HO16067WILRA SSI REGAL ENCLAVE-ET10/3/20221/4/2024
7HO16078OCD RAYSHEN SEAR-ET7/1/20229/6/2023
7HO16097LADYS-MANOR OVER-THE-TOP-ET8/9/20221/4/2024
7HO16103PENN-ENGLAND CHEW-P-ET7/1/20229/6/2023
7HO16126OCD TOP DOG LAFFEY-ET6/2/20229/6/2023
7HO16148BADGER AURORA RYS BAMBAM-ET10/3/20229/6/2023
7HO16176WILRA S-S-I GD WAR GEAR-ET10/3/20221/4/2024
7HO16306OCD GAMEDAY LAGER-ET11/2/20221/4/2024
7HO16383T-SPRUCE RYKER 1903-ET2/1/20238/8/2023
7HO16425BLUMENFELD LATERAL-ET3/1/20238/8/2023
507HO16414MELARRY FIREBALL-RED-ET4/4/20238/8/2023
14HO14810CLELOR PIZAZZ RIGLEY-ET10/1/20199/3/2020
14HO14906BERRYRIDGE SSI SOL CHASE-ET3/1/20204/11/2021
14HO15181PLAIN-KNOLL LGCY TRIBUTE-ET10/1/20201/6/2022
14HO15201FLY-HIGHER MOONSHINER-ET6/1/20209/1/2021
14HO15223SANDY-VALLEY R CONWAY-ET7/1/20205/10/2022
14HO15250COOKIECUTTER HELIOGEN-ET11/1/20205/10/2022
14HO15265HOUIN BR LEGACY TUA-ET12/1/20201/6/2022
14HO15288BADGER SSI BIG AL NEWMAN-ET3/1/20211/6/2022
14HO15289S-S-I LIMLGHT BEDROCK-PP-ET4/6/20211/5/2023
14HO15317PEN-COL JANGLE-ET9/1/20201/6/2022
14HO15334TTM LEGACY SHINE-ET3/1/20215/10/2022
14HO15445OCD LEGACY MASSEY-ET12/1/20201/6/2022
14HO15453OCD LEGACY EXOTIC-ET2/1/20215/10/2022
14HO15454OCD LEGACY BANGKOK-ET1/1/20211/6/2022
14HO15478WILRA LEGACY STINGRAY-ET2/1/20215/10/2022
14HO15519MELARRY LEGACY APOLLO-ET4/6/20219/8/2022
14HO15557S-S-I MAXIMUS PLAYOFF-P-ET8/10/20219/8/2022
14HO15582CLEAR-ECHO MAX MASHAK-ET9/7/20215/9/2023
14HO15865WILRA SSI MNSHINER PERLE-ET2/1/20221/4/2024
14HO15876RMD-DOTTERER RYSHN KELBY-ET8/9/20229/6/2023
14HO15926LEVEL-PLAIN TDG VAN GOGH-ET9/1/20228/8/2023
14HO15929WINSTAR PARFECT CIRRUS-P-ET2/1/20225/9/2023
14HO15932WINSTAR CONWAY CUMULUS-ET5/1/20229/6/2023
14HO15997S-S-I GAMEDAY UNICYCLE-ET9/1/20229/6/2023
14HO16011LEVEL-PLAIN VERSACHI-ET12/5/20228/8/2023
14HO16069T-SPRUCE MS-SSI MADURO-ET10/3/20228/8/2023
14HO16072OCD GAMEDAY DETROIT-ET8/9/20221/4/2024
14HO16082OCD GAMEDAY FRAMPTON-ET10/3/20221/4/2024
14HO16242S-S-I ZAZZLE GENE-ET2/1/20238/8/2023
14HO16337S-S-I PROLOGUE KELSO-ET2/1/20238/8/2023
14HO16345S-S-I WHEELHOUSE HAYWARD-ET2/1/20231/4/2024
14HO16393PINE-TREE ORGANIC-ET11/1/20228/8/2023
14HO16445S-S-I ELON HOLLEY-ET6/1/20238/8/2023
14HO16519KINGS RANSOM W DECREE-ET3/1/20238/8/2023
250HO14633S-S-I DELROY BIGGELO-ET7/1/20199/3/2020
250HO14134S-S-I PR RENEGADE-ET4/1/20194/11/2021
250HO14937BADGER SSI SOL BULLSEYE-ET7/1/20209/1/2021
250HO15087SIEMERS RENEGADE ROZLINE-ET9/1/20201/6/2022
250HO15152BLUMENFELD RENEGAD AHEAD-ET5/1/20201/6/2022
250HO15211HILMAR-D RIVETING CAVIAR-ET6/1/20204/11/2021
250HO15513S-S-I SPARTACUS ELON-ET8/10/20211/5/2023
250HO15662S-S-I PR REVELATION RIX-ET9/7/20211/5/2023
250HO15872HORSENS SSI GD IBENDIGO-ET5/1/20229/6/2023
250HO15988OCD PARFECT SOYSAUCE-ET6/2/20229/6/2023
250HO16074OCD PARFECT FIGARO-ET5/1/20228/8/2023
250HO1611AURORA LETCHWORTH-ET6/2/20228/8/2023
250HO16115SIEMERS RZ PAZZLE-ET6/2/20229/6/2023
250HO16125CLAYNOOK ZOAR-ET7/1/20229/6/2023
250HO16257DANHOF GD DENALI-ET10/3/20221/4/2024



Unprecedented early access to the industry’s most valuable genetics






Balanced sires with industry-leading values for the most profitable traits






Minimize your herd’s generation interval while maximizing genetic gain 






Secure a sustainable future for your herd, your family and your livelihood






Reasonably priced genetics for extremely high-merit sires




Contact a genetic specialist

Submit a membership application to get started with NxGEN!

We enrolled in the NxGEN program to secure early access to the best bulls-it’s as simple as that.
-Denton Ross, co-owner, Arizona Dairy Company, Mesa, AriZ.
I’m not interested in using NxGEN genetics to create sires for stud, if that were to happen, it would be a nice bonus. Instead, I like that through NxGEN, I can get elite bulls at a fair price and improve the genetics in my herd.
-Corey Zonneveld, Zonneveld Dairy, Laton, Calif.
The NxGEN program was designed for dairymen that want to drive genetic performance. The lineup will include sires to meet the needs of every dairy producer, no matter the management environment or selection criteria.
-Jordan Siemers, Holstein sire analyst, Select Sires Inc.


What sires will be offered?

Exclusive sires from the Select Sires, Accelerated Genetics and GenerVations product lines will be available through the NxGEN program over time.

What breeds are offered?

We launched the program with Holstein sires and will consider additional breeds over time.

How often are new NxGEN sires released?

NxGEN sires are released as outstanding quality sires are developed through our sire development programs.

Is there a delay in availability while Select Sires uses these bulls as mating sires?

Yes, there continues to be a slight delay in NxGEN sires hitting the public sales platform, but this delay will be much shorter compared to the timing of public release prior to the NxGEN launch.

Select Sires Inc. will contact our exclusive members via email upon the release of new sires.
Who can become a NxGEN member?
All patrons who join the NxGEN program will be analyzed by Select Sires’ genetics team for buying approval. This is to ensure the protection of Select Sires’ elite genetics and to provide long-term benefits to our entire membership.
How do I sign up?
If you are interested in joining this exclusive membership program, fill out the application form and a Select Sires Inc. representative will contact you.
How can I order semen?
Semen orders will be taken at the local cooperative level and will then be processed and shipped from Select Sires Inc. direct to you, the NxGEN member.
Can the semen be used on any animal I own?
Yes, however, we suggest strategically mating for NxGEN semen usage on the most elite animals in your herd to better capitalize these sires’ genetic superiority to maximize your herd’s genetic progress.
Can I sell offspring from a NxGEN sire?
Details of the sale of NxGEN offspring are specifically spelled out in the NxGEN membership contract.
What is the process when a calf from a NxGEN sire is born?
Please refer to the NxGEN membership contract for details about genomic testing of NxGEN progeny. The best way to contact Select Sires for final needs or additional questions regarding NxGEN is through the dedicated email address.
What does the NxGEN contract mean for members? For Select Sires Inc.?
The purpose of NxGEN is to maximize genetic gain for the most genetically driven customers of Select Sires. Additionally, the long-term benefits NxGEN provides to all patrons of Select Sires will assure their preferred semen supplier has the most elite opportunities for genetic improvement for generations to come.
How will I know the value of my NxGEN offspring?
Please refer to the NxGEN membership agreement for the most up-to-date terms regarding progeny values and opportunities.